Retired Swimming Star Michael Phelps Wins $100k at Las Vegas Casino

Retired Swimming Star Michael Phelps Wins $100k at Las Vegas Casino September 3, 2012 September 4, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Sep 3, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 4, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Michael Phelps, the sensational swimming star, recently won $100k playing poker in Las Vegas, where he had gone to spend his weekend.

Phelps, who is now retired from his successful swimming career, played at the poker tables of Caesar’s Palace Casino, Las Vegas and ended up richer by $100k, which he won in one poker game.

According to TMZ, Phelps directly headed to Tryst Night Club in Hotel Wynn, where he splashed around a considerable portion of his winnings.

Phelps loves playing poker, and he has already spent several hours playing poker. His close friends feel that he loves poker a bit too much. In fact, they are afraid that he might be growing addicted to the game. Recently, a friend of Phelps, begging to remain anonymous, informed the National Enquirer that Phelps’ “don’t quit until you win” attitude might have brought him great success in his swimming career, but is the most dangerous attitude one can adopt at the poker tables.

Sources close to Phelps also say that he has

wagered hundreds of thousands of dollars on poker already, and now that he’s retired from competitive swimming, everyone’s worried he’ll be betting millions more.

Phelps began by playing poker at online poker rooms, and today, he regularly plays a weekly high-stakes poker game. He also lives with a professional poker player called Jeff Gross.

Speaking about his passion for poker, Phelps says that he has been playing poker for the past several years and is very fond of the game, which he claims has won him a number of friends. However, even Phelps’ poker friends feel that he might have grown addicted to the game. According to one of them, Phelps thinks only about gambling. But Phelps himself has expressed a desire to become a professional poker player.

Phelps is worth at least $45 million, and financial experts are sure that he can triple his fortune in the next few years if he uses it wisely. But his friends feel that he is capable of blowing up millions playing poker.

In the meanwhile, Phelps claims that he enjoys playing poker because it is exciting and fun, adding that he began playing poker to relax and unwind, not to compete with other players. He claims that the poker room in a casino is “a place where I can be me,” where he can truly have fun, relax, and be himself.

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