Seals With Clubs Relaunches From Antigua With A New Domain Name

Seals With Clubs Relaunches From Antigua With A New Domain Name March 3, 2015 March 3, 2015 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Mar 3, 2015 | Updated on  Mar 3, 2015 by Tim Glocks

Seals with ClubsThe Seals with Clubs bitcoin based online poker website made the news in February when the website was forced to go offline and players were not given a specific reason for the shutdown. Initial reports suggested that the website was hacked and player data could be compromised.

Towards the end of February, Seals with Clubs informed its players via a website post that it would be shutting down operations completely and requested players to withdraw their deposits at the earliest.

Bryan Micon, the chairman for Seals with Clubs later released a statement saying that the Nevada Gaming Commission had raided his house and ceased electronic devices for analysis but never arrested him nor confirmed the reason for their suspicions. Micon said his family was traumatized by the incident and vowed to start another version of the Seals with Clubs website as he was determined to not let this unpleasant incident get the better of him.

SwC PokerMicon along with him family left the United States and moved to the Caribbean islands where there are a lot less restrictions on online gambling. Micon wasted no time in developing and launching a new and improved version of the Seals with Clubs website. The new version has gone live under the SwCPoker brand and can be found at

The new version has a much better user interface and offers a number of poker games such as dealer’s choice, 12 game, open-faced Chinese, badeucey and pineapple.

The website will still go through a lot of tweaking and testing in the weeks to come and a final list of the poker variants available will be made available, so players are able to see the choices they have.

The management team from the initial Seals with Clubs website have moved on but Micon has already made plans to strategically replace them. He recently released a text promoting his new website which read

What a brilliant few days for Bitcoin poker. The successful launch of SwC Poker has been met with worldwide cheer. New games and features are online, such as OFC pineapple, badeucey, badacey, 12 game, dealer’s choice, and many more, available in Cash, SnG, or MTT format. OFC/p MTTs have quickly become a crowd favorite. Look for cash game stakes to slowly increase as confidence in the new system builds. Thanks for the outpouring of support for SwC. We are happy to be back and serving the btc poker public.

A little message from Bryan Micon

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