Seven Poker Players Win Central Coast Poker Championship Pot

Seven Poker Players Win Central Coast Poker Championship Pot June 11, 2013 June 11, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Seven Poker Players Win Central Coast Poker Championship 2013Seven poker players decided to split the first place prize after defeating a field of 571 poker players in the Central Coast Poker Championship 2013, a live poker tournament that was held for around 12 hours in the Samala Showroom of Chumash Casino Resort.

Nine poker players made it to the final table, and the above-mentioned seven eliminated two of them before deciding to equally split the pot. Each of them got a prize of $7,500. The seven champions were Isaias Reyes (36) of Carpinteria, Dante Tabing (46) of Oxnard, Joel Dalida (26) of Carmarillo, Terri Chase (47) of Santa Maria, Jeremy Tilton (33) of Monterey, Felix Pacquing (34) of Redwood City, and Rob Raede (54) of Santa Barbara.

Raede, who held a diamond card, was delighted when the flop showed all diamond cards. Since the river too held another diamond, Raede got a flush, which helped him eliminate a player off the table and build his poker chip stack while entering the final table play. Speaking about that hand, he said:

It took me from about 250,000 chips to about 1 million. That was the only time I was almost out of the tournament. I was trying to be aggressive earlier, especially before we hit the money bubble.

Stating that he got up to 180,000 chips from 120,000 chips in just six minutes because he got everybody to fold by raising with a Seven and a Deuce twice, he said that sometimes adopting the aggressive style of play helps.

The Central Coast Poker Championship 2013 had a buy-in of $180 although early birds were allowed to register for $160 only. The event had a guaranteed prize of $50,000 plus a free seat worth $10k to the Main Event.

Prizes ranging from $1,457 to $324 were distributed among the top 80 players of the event. Since the first place prize included over $40,000 plus the free Main Event seat worth $10,000, the last seven players at the final table decided to split the pot, including the cost of the Main Event seat.

The Central Coast Poker Championship allows anybody above the age of 18 to take part and is one of the two major live poker events that are held at the Samala Showroom annually. The other event is the Central Coast Fall Poker Classic 2013, the date for which is yet to be announced. Players interested in the daily tournaments held at Chumash Casino can visit the casino website.

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