Skrill Emerges as Popular Deposit Option in New Jersey

Skrill Emerges as Popular Deposit Option in New Jersey December 23, 2013 December 23, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 23, 2013 | Updated on  Dec 23, 2013 by Tim Glocks

SkrillSince a number of financial institutions, banks, and online payment processors still do not process gambling-related funds, New Jersey online gamblers get frustrated while trying to deposit funds in their accounts at New Jersey licensed online gambling sites. Gaming operators are still trying to sort out issues.

One of the most cost-effective, safe, secure, and convenient banking methods for New Jersey gamblers at present is Skrill. Recently, Chris Grove, editor and co-founder of interviewed Skrill USA CEO Neil Steinhardt to get his take on banking at New Jersey online poker rooms.

When asked why New Jersey gamblers prefer Skrill to other banking methods, Steinhardt said:

In today’s regulated environment in NJ, we are the only digital wallet available, and therefore, the only instant method for paying in and getting paid out. If customers want to manage their playing funds independently and enjoy the flexibility of sending money to any poker site with just one click, we are their only option.

When asked if players need to be located within New Jersey to use Skrill as a deposit method, Steinhardt said that Skrill is a payment processor and not a gaming operator. Players do not need to be located within New Jersey to use Skrill, but they need to be located within New Jersey in order to play for real money at any online gaming site licensed and regulated by the state.

Gamblers can use Skrill as a deposit method in any US state. Listing out three things that need to happen to improve the present situation of processing payments in New Jersey, Steinhardt said that banks have to be educated about the situation as a large number of banks refuse to note that online gambling is a regulated activity in some US states. Steinhardt also opined that banks are sure to change their no-gaming policy if a bigger state like California legalizes online gambling. He also said that banks appear to be watching the situation and are most likely to take their own time to modify their policy.

Giving his opinion about California legalizing online poker in 2014, Steinhardt said:

I would like to see that. Recent history has shown that betting on California to legalize poker has been a losing bet but like everyone else in the industry, I’ve seen and heard encouraging signs.

He also said that Skrill will be the prominent payment processor in California when the state legalizes online poker.

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