Tom Dwan Finally Speaks out on FTP and Howard Lederer

Tom Dwan Finally Speaks out on FTP and Howard Lederer October 1, 2012 October 1, 2012 Tim Glocks
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For those among the US poker community who are following the news for information on Full Tilt Poker, the Lederer Files were a big disappointment. This is because the Lederer Files – which is the title of the interview given by Howard Lederer to the site – did not reveal any new information and mostly covered Lederer evasively answering questions and switching the blame to others on the board. Lederer’s big excuse for the whole fiasco was that he was unaware of what was going on externally.

Once the Lederer Files were made public, the reactions from the poker community showed that the majority of people felt that Lederer had not addressed many of the most pressing issues that the Full Tilt Poker players wanted to deal with.

Players like Tom Dwan also commented on the Lederer files and his remarks on Full Tilt Poker via Twitter.

Tom Dwan commented on the Howard Lederer Files and the interview that the Full Tilt Poker front man did with PokerNews.

Just watched the last of the Lederer files and then read Andy Bloch’s interview. I’m pretty confident the majority of what they said is true… I knew a bit of stuff independently and what they said mainly lined up with that (although I thought Howard emphasized wrong a few times). However the big gripe I have is both of them not realizing how big of a mistake it was for ftp to accept deposits after April 15th

When the FTP site was purchased by PokerStars – Dwan an ex player with the site and former poker pro on the FTP team stated that he would speak up for the players in regards to the FTP site. However, Dwan issued no such statement until recently.

Tom Dwan also owned up to his own lack of effort in the whole Full Tilt Poker debacle. “Also I think I have some obligation as a person/known poker player to when possible help people avoid being taken advantage of – and I messed up some by not trying to make more sure that ftp had the players $$.

I think the owners owed this to the players more than I did obviously…which makes it a bit extra ridiculous (although still understandable to me and definitely possible I would’ve made the same mistake) that so few owners were willing to step up and take board seats to provide oversight….. Sorry for all the tweets- this seemed the right place,” he added.

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