Tom Scott Talks On Managing At The Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London

Tom Scott Talks On Managing At The Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London July 31, 2014 July 31, 2014 Tim Glocks
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Tom ScottCasino’s across the world face stiff competition from online gambling companies and also from their competitors who are always looking to raise the standards and offer better promotions, deals and payouts in an effort to attract more players.

Operations and Casino managers have to be innovative and stay ahead of the game if they want to carve a niche and be successful. One such casino is the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London, England which is arguably one of the most popular casinos in England. The casino is managed by Tom Scott who has the official title of Poker Team Leader.

The Grosvenor has the record of being the longest running poker room in the UK and Scott has a tough job in terms of not only maintain the high standards of the Grosvenor but also finding ways of improving service offerings along with his colleague Andy Beer who is the second Poker Team Leader.

In a statement, Tom Scott said

In terms of big names, from the States we have Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonious. Then from the Brit side, we have Victoria Coren Mitchell, Praz Bansi, Neil Channing, and Patrick Swartz. I think anyone who is anyone, certainly in UK poker, would have played here with us in one form or another. Just on its legacy, and the fact its put a lot of effort into providing a good poker service and excellent training for dealers, means it is the best place to play poker in the UK.

Managing the casino has a number of ups and downs as Scott and Beer have to not only look after the players but also ensure that the staff is well trained, security is tight and there are no gaps in service rendered. One of the challenges for Scott is to manage tough situations when players lose and get emotional. The current stats say that the game has 6 losers to every winner and just about every day you have players who lose their tempers and often create a scene.

Scott went on to say that the table management system at the Grosvenor is very different to that in Las Vegas. The Grosvenor does not follow an electronic management system as of now but plans are in place to have the same installed before August.

Players can lose anywhere between $100 to $80,000 on a given night and sometimes lodge complaints saying they were treated unfair, cheated or the dealer botched things up. Both Scott and Beer have to immediately step in and fix things so that they are consistent and fair to both the players and the staff.

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