Ultimate Poker Reaches Million Hand Mark within 20 Days

Ultimate Poker Reaches Million Hand Mark within 20 Days May 20, 2013 May 21, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  May 20, 2013 | Updated on  May 21, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Ultimate PokerWhen the state of Nevada announced that it would allow online poker websites to function legally, a number of casinos pushed to gain their license and venture into the state of Nevada. However, it was Ultimate Poker, who piped other popular brands like Caesars and became the first legal online poker website to launch on the 29th of April 2013.

Initial reports suggested that Ultimate Poker was in a rush to launch and hence there were a few issues with its software. However, the reports coming in from Ultimate Poker suggest that it has done extremely well since its launch. The company reported that within just two weeks of operations it has already crossed over one million poker hands and that is an impressive stat considering the fact that the state of Nevada only permits players who reside within the state to access and play at the online poker website.

Thus, the speed at which these numbers were hit by Ultimate Poker further confirms that there is a huge demand and a lucrative online internet gaming market in the United States. In a statement, Tom Breitling, who is the chairman of Ultimate Poker, said

We’re coming out of a lost decade. We are finally brining jobs and taxes back to America.

One of the main reasons why there is a huge market in America is because there has been a lot of television and internet coverage of huge poker tournaments taking place in other parts of the world. The ban on internet gambling in America, also ensure that poker players and other gambling enthusiasts were starved of playing as it would have been a legal offence. Now, that each state is making progress to legalize online gambling once again, poker players from all across America are eager to go online again from the comfort of their homes and try their luck at online gambling.

Caesars is expecting to launch its online WSOP style website in the next 30 days and reports suggest that by the end of 2013, there could be another 7 or 8 online poker websites. Breitling went on to say that

My guess is that about 10 states will come online over the next two years. Everyone knows there is a pent-up demand. Everyone knows this is a real business waiting to happen. It’s just a matter of the state’s legalizing what is a new environment of trust.

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