What Happens With The Full Tilt Poker Remission Process Now

What Happens With The Full Tilt Poker Remission Process Now November 18, 2013 November 23, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Nov 18, 2013 | Updated on  Nov 23, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Garden City Group and full tiltEarlier in September, the Garden City Group informed Full Tilt Poker players that the last date for filing their claims was the 16th of November. The Garden City Group reportedly sent out 1.4 million emails informing players of the claim and reimbursement process. Now that the deadline has passed, the Garden City Group has confirmed that it has received close to 41,000 petitions for reimbursement. This is an extremely small percentage and there could be a number of reasons for the same.

Some of these reasons for this low percentage of petitions could be because many players may not have received the initial email, some may have just given up hope considering how long the claims process is taking and others may have been busy and not found sufficient time to submit their claim.

The Garden City Group recognizes this and released a statement on its website confirming that it will extend the date for filing of claims to enable more players to send in their petitions.

“There will be a limited extension to the November 16 filing deadline for players who are Affiliates and for certain players identified as “Pros” in the data supplied by Full Tilt Poker,” the statement on the GCG website stated. “Such players will have 30 days from notification to submit a petition.”

Since only around 41,000 petitions have come in, the GCG could go ahead and process them quickly. These 41,000 applicants will be expecting to have their claims settled in full, yet the bigger question that remains that since there were a limited number of claims, what happens to the cash that the federal government collected. Those players, who get their claims cleared, will be paid via an e-check which will be deposited to the player’s bank account.

The GCG update continues,

“We are in the process of reviewing petitions filed by (customers) who confirmed their balances online and who have not disputed their FTP Account Balance or submitted multiple petitions. We expect payments to be made with respect to such petitions with confirmed balances by March 31, 2014.”

As mentioned in Calvinayre, The GCG expects more applications to come in before the extended deadline. Full Tilt Pokers in the U.S. have had to wait a long time to be reimbursed and have grown extremely sceptical about the entire process. However, ever since PokerStars took over Full Tilt Poker, the claims process has moved forward with all international players being first reimbursed and finally U.S players will look to have their accounts settled during the early parts of 2014.

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