Winamax Pushes Out PokerStars To Claim The No 1 Spot In France

Winamax Pushes Out PokerStars To Claim The No 1 Spot In France October 28, 2014 October 28, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Oct 28, 2014 | Updated on  Oct 28, 2014 by Tim Glocks

WinamaxBeing the biggest online poker website in the world, PokerStars generally tends to dominate and capture the majority of the online poker market in which every country it operates. In October, PokerStars was reported to have controlled over 70% of the online poker market in Italy as a significant number of online poker players across the world prefer the brand, the extensive player database and the overall experience.

Amaya Gaming, the Canadian company that owns PokerStars wants to ensure that PokerStars continues to dominate markets where there is a growing online poker market. The company recently shutdown PokerStar’s operations in over 30 countries that did not have a significant online poker market to ensure that more attention could be given to developing and growing markets.

The online poker market in France has been in decline for the past few years but is still large enough for PokerStars to continue its operations. However, has not been able to capture and retain market share in the French market. Winamax has taken over the number 1 spot as France’s biggest online poker company and has toppled in the process. A recent report showed that is has a 35% lead over when it comes to cash game traffic. had registered 1,250 players over 7 days when compared who registered only 900 players during the same period.

One of the reasons why has taken the first place is because the company successfully managed to attract players over to its website. During the last 12 months, a significant number of French online poker players have left the network and moved over to This is because has come out with a number of innovative games such as Expresso Poker that has proven to be very successful with the French online poker community. has tried to counter the move by launching a similar game called ‘Spin & Go’ but the game has not done as well as expected. In a statement, Elbert Pruitt, a reporter from said

Although PokerStars France attempted to regain its base with its own Spin & Go offerings, the site’s cash games traffic is down 20 percent compared to before the introduction of Spin & Go. And worse yet, the figure of 20 percent could potentially be even larger, considering the fall season is when cash games typically grow in traffic. will have to come up with another strategy if it wants to regain its position as the leading online poker provide in France.

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