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WPT Announces Fantasy Poker Manager February 27, 2013 February 27, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Feb 27, 2013 | Updated on  Feb 27, 2013 by Tim Glocks

World Poker TourTwo of the biggest names in the poker industry have joined forces. The World Poker Tour (WPT) and Zokay Entertainment made an announcement regarding their three year agreement making Fantasy Poker Manager the official fantasy poker game of the WPT.

This is a free social game that is powered by the Global Poker Index, which is available on Facebook.

This will allow poker fans to enjoy an easy to learn and use fantasy game that is based on live poker tournaments such as the WPT.

This is Global Poker Index’s idea of bringing the poker community and poker fans closer. More than 20 WPT events throughout the entire season will be highlighted in the Fantasy Poker Manager. This will allow fans and professional players who play the game to interact and build relationships. This will promote the tournament as the social game will serve as the front row seat for the gamers.

The founder of Zokay Entertainment is Alexander Dreyfus who is also responsible for the founding of the Chiligaming Group. The motto of the group, “Connect Players” was acquired by the Global Poker Index in August of 2012. It has become a bridge between offline and online poker as well as those poker players in the social gaming environment. Since its acquisition, Global Poker Index is now considered as the live tournament poker ranking authority worldwide and it plans to continue making significant investments to promote poker across the globe.

The partnership between the two is believed to be beneficial for both parties. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Global poker Index said

The World Poker Tour is a famous franchise all over the world. Partnering with the WPT brings more focus and attention to the Fantasy Poker Manager as well as the sport of poker and furthers our goal of bringing the fans and professionals closer together.

On the other hand, WPT CEO Steve Heller was also quoted in saying,

The Fantasy Poker Manager is a great way for poker fans to keep track of the progress of their favourite players on the World Poker Tour. It’s a fun way for them to follow the tour all year long, and even compete for bragging rights against their friends over who drafted the best stable of players.

It is going to be really entertaining for poker fans playing Fantasy Poker Manager since WPT will be providing live reports on all of its events, updating fans regarding the performance of their fantasy poker teams. Live coverage and chip count updates will be provided by WPT. To show their support for the partnership, WPT will also promote Fantasy Poker Manager through all its online tools and social media, which will allow the game to have a broader market in North America and Europe.

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