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Ultimate Poker & WSOPThe two biggest players in the online Nevada Poker market are and Ultimate Poker. Both companies were officially licensed by the state of Nevada to launch their online poker operations in 2013. Ultimate Poker was the first company to launch in Nevada and while the initial response was good, players have raised a number of issues concerning geo-location services, software complaints and cash deposits and withdrawals. launched its real money poker website towards mid-September and appears to have had a much better response that Ultimate Poker.

While there have been relatively less concerns about the WSOP software, players have also raised issues about cash deposits and geo-location services.

Both WSOP and Ultimate Poker realize that it is important for them to get accurate customer feedback from their players in order to address player concerns and ultimately give them a better experience. WSOP purchased a sponsored support forum on the 2+2 forum which is arguably the number one forum for online poker discussions.

WSOP has assigned a number of its customer service representatives to be active on the 2+2 forum to address customer concerns, complaints and offer solutions. The strategy has proven to be effective; judging by the number of WSOP related posts that feature on the 2+2 forum. This strategy not only allows to get real time feedback but also allows them to immediately address these issues.

Since its launch, customer service representatives from Ultimate Poker have been active on the 2+2 forum but have mostly relied on a single thread that has numerous player queries, concerns, issues and complaints. Ultimate Poker representatives have used this thread to reply and address these player issues. Earlier this month, Ultimate Poker took a cue from the WSOP and purchased a sponsored support forum on 2+2 as it realizes that a large percentage of its customer base use the 2+2 forum.

The questions raised on the 2+2 forum address a number of different issues. Some of the questions currently being featured on the forum include

Why does feel like it needs a copy of bank records before returning money to the same bank account from which a deposit was made, with no proof of ownership on that same bank account? Specifically, what security measures has taken to ensure that bank information provided is not misused by customer service employees who appear to be located overseas? and Where exactly ARE your customer service employees located?

Most of the questions get a response either from customer service representatives or by other members of the forum who have either advice or a solution.

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