Online Poker Could Come to Michigan Soon as Bill Passes House

Online Poker Could Come to Michigan Soon as Bill Passes House June 14, 2018 July 18, 2018 Doug Carter
Posted on  Jun 14, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 18, 2018 by Doug Carter

michigan online poker billA recent report by us stated that the potential for online gambling and, consequently, online poker in Michigan was facing a huge hurdle. Namely, that tribes in the area were unsatisfied with one specific part of the proposed bill. Yet, despite this, the state has moved forward and taken a huge step towards legalising online gambling, as well as sports betting.

House lawmakers in Michigan took a vote and passed what is known as the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. The outcome for this was a 68-40 margin, meaning that the bill gets to move along to the Senate. The bill proposal that Rep. Brandt Iden put together would give casinos in the state the possibility to provide many forms of online gambling, meaning that internet poker and sports betting would become an online entity within.

This bill had actually been created a fair time ago but had laid in a dormant state since the beginning of 2018. Even now, it only managed to make an appearance for a vote by a close call. June 12 marked the very last day of the legislative season within the United States, and the bill was called into session on that very day. The proceeding steps will need to wait until the season begins again in the autumn.

What Does the Online Gambling Bill of Michigan Incorporate?

Each different state that proposes a gambling bill is able to include its own features for such. The Michigan offering is known as H 4926. This would provide the three casinos that currently exist in Detroit the ability to provide internet gaming, with the potential for this to begin as soon as 2019. The total cost for each of the three licences and applications stands at $800,000. Should they achieve licensed status, then Michigan would bring forth the chance for residents to access online poker, casino games, sports betting and potentially even more.

Basically, as Iden put it, the bill will allow for the same games that currently exist in land-based casinos there to appear online as well. To add to this, the 23 tribal casinos of Michigan would also be able to provide online gambling to players, as long as current compacts are created or potentially amended.

Other features of the bill will see an 8% tax brought into effect on all online gambling revenue, and all gaming equipment will be required to be physically located in a casino of Michigan. A one-year waiting period is also necessary before the launch of an online casino.

It was last September that Iden introduced the online gambling bill. It cleared through his own committee within a few days. However, as noted, the problems that currently exist pertain to the tribal casinos of the state. The passage of the bill by the House does bring it 50% closer to crossing the finish line, and commercial casinos have also backed the online gaming bill. The tribes, on the other hand, aren’t so forthcoming with positivity towards it. The only thing that can be done for now is to wait through the 10-week period before legislative sessions return.

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