PartyPoker Launches “Diamonds” Social Currency

PartyPoker Launches “Diamonds” Social Currency November 29, 2019 November 29, 2019 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Nov 29, 2019 | Updated on  Nov 29, 2019 by Carolyn J Dawson

party pokerPartyPoker doesn’t seem to take a minute to stop and watch how things are unfolding. Instead, the brand likes to introduce new functions and features to its platform so as to keep its players much more intrigued. Of course, it’s also probable that the platform is trying to use these differing features to try and sneak ahead of its closest rival PokerStars, in a bid for the top spot as far as online poker traffic is concerned.

The first step it took to try and overhaul its look and feel, was to bring about changes in its mobile app. On November 25, PartyPoker introduced various new features to the app, including the possibility of playing SPINS games in portrait mode, rather than solely in landscape. Yet, now PartyPoker has taken to creating its own digital currency for players to use, too.

In what could be known as the most striking new feature that PartyPoker has introduced, the poker app now also incorporates a social currency for players to use, known as Diamonds. Players have the ability of gaining these Diamonds by using the mobile app for their gameplay, although full details of the social currency are yet to be released. It is thought though, that these can be garnered by completing certain missions, like playing a certain number of hands via the app, for example.

Those Diamonds can then be used to enhance a player’s gaming experience, with other new functions in the mobile app falling in line with such. For example, it’s now possible to throw items at your opponents, including tomatoes and eggs, which can be purchased with Diamonds.

Try the Rabbit Feature Instead

It may provide quite the entertaining scenario – throwing a tomato at one of your opponents. However, what may be of more interest to you is to save the Diamonds for the mobile app’s Rabbit feature. This feature allows you to see the remaining cards that are not dealt in the hand. Simply spend some Diamonds and see what would have happened if you hadn’t folded at the time you did, for example. Should you decide to do this, it will cost three Diamonds to utilise the Rabbit feature on the flop, two Diamonds when you’re on the turn and a single Diamond on the river.

While that also sounds like quite the intriguing feature to make the most of, it’s thought that other plans are going to be introduced for the Diamonds currency, including the potential to purchase new themes and potentially unique avatars and special emojis.

It’s clear that PartyPoker is trying to pull out all the stops with its updated mobile app, and whenever you download it, you have the chance to benefit from two bonus rewards as a newcomer. The first provides a $10 free play bonus when you deposit $10, while the other offers $30 of free play if you make a deposit of $20 or more.

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