PartyPoker Removes Bounty Element Rake

PartyPoker Removes Bounty Element Rake April 16, 2018 July 19, 2018 David Edwards
Posted on  Apr 16, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by David Edwards

party poker rakeIf you are a player of the PKO tournaments (MTTs) that PartyPoker provides, you can look forward to a couple of changes. Namely in the sense that you’ll be paying less rake while simultaneously garnering larger bounties.

Why is this? Well, PartyPoker has chosen to go ahead with removing the rake relating to the Bounty Element that all PKO MTTs incorporate. This change will come into effect as of May 6, which is also the same day that the platform’s POWERFEST tournament begins – which comes with $40 million in prize guarantees.

The Managing Director of PartyPoker, Tom Waters spoke of this change coming about thanks to feedback from the poker community on the whole, as well as a certain amount of lobbying from brand ambassador Patrick Leonard. This reduction is expected to be in place for six months, although the intention is to make it a permanent reduction overall, said Waters. “We have over 350 PKO MTTs per week”, he went on to state, with these tournaments holding guarantees of more than $4 million. This means that Waters is looking for the support of players to ensure that the tournaments remain competitive as far as revenue is concerned.

POWERFEST Ready for Kick Off

With this move coinciding with the launch of this year’s second POWERFEST tournament, events within such will benefit from the reduced rake. It’s another great boost for the PartyPoker tournament, which we recently reported is set to become the most varied and exciting in its history. The prize money spreads itself over 366 different games, including a total amount of 17 Championship events. The tournament is set for dates between May 6 and May 20.

Not much more has been given away about POWERFEST, although the next couple of weeks leading up to its beginning will be quite crucial to keep an eye on. The same is not true about the PokerStars SCOOP tournament though, which has a lot of information relating to it already available to discover. Again, this was reported by us recently, with its record-breaking $65 million in guarantees. The boosted prize rewards are partially in place due to the fact that SCOOP is celebrating its tenth year in action, as well as the fact that the previous tournament in this series blew its guarantees out of the water.

Both tournaments from these two big-name poker rooms are set to provide winnings of over $100 million combined, meaning that there’s lots to look forward to in May. Now even more so with the PartyPoker reduced rake.

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