Pennsylvania Looks to Become a New Heaven for Online Poker Players

Pennsylvania Looks to Become a New Heaven for Online Poker Players February 7, 2018 February 7, 2018 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Feb 7, 2018 | Updated on  Feb 7, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

PennsylvaniaOnline gambling of any form in the United States has been something of a tricky piece of subject matter. While some states have been able to provide it for several years, others only offer certain forms of it. Meanwhile, there are those that don’t allow any form of gambling whatsoever. However, with online gambling now being legalised in the State of Pennsylvania, poker players have the chance to really enjoy a great new haven to satisfy their gaming interest.

It was just last year that Pennsylvania became only the fourth state to allow its residents to access online gambling sites, including online poker. It’s been a long time coming, and the regulation includes the approval of Daily Fantasy Sports wagering and online lottery ticket sales as well. Furthermore, should the federal ban that currently exists on sports betting be lifted, Pennsylvania’s citizens will also be able to participate in such betting options.

With the law in the state being overturned with regards to online gambling, it is thought that 2018 will see the launch of new online poker and casino sites. The exact time that this will occur though, is still unclear. The Gaming Control Board is still in the process of writing the rules and regulations relating to online gaming. Furthermore, any land-based casinos will need to pay licensing fees and set up their sites as well. However, when they do launch, online gaming of all kinds will only be available to people within the state. This is due to federal law, which exists within the other three legal online gambling states of New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.

Why Will Pennsylvania Really Be So Much of a Haven?

Gambling in Pennsylvania is actually quite a big deal. The state currently generates a lot more casino revenue on a commercial level than any other state, with the exception of Nevada. This does have a lot to do with it being more populous than others like Delaware, but furthermore, tax revenues coming from legal gambling are also the highest in the United States. It currently hosts 10 grand land-based casinos – six of which incorporate harness-racing or thoroughbred tracks. There are also two smaller resort casinos within, to complete the collection of gambling locations.

While Philadelphia, perhaps the state’s most-known city, already has one casino, a licence was granted last year for a secondary one to open. Developers working on this intend to create a $600 million establishment, complete with its own hotel as well as entertainment venues, which will exist in the Stadium District of the city.

Furthermore, as it stands at the moment, all of the state’s 10 large casinos are able to provide live poker to citizens. Rooms on hand include seven different tables at the Presque Isle in the city of Erie, while 49 are available at the Parx establishment in Philadelphia. Live poker in Pennsylvania usually has a 10% rake of up to $4 per pot, as well as $1 for promotions. With this in mind, it is said that the rules for online poker game play in the state will be very similar to those from land-based casinos. And this comes directly from the mouths of the Gaming Control Board.

Because the population in Pennsylvania stands at about 12.8 million people, this equates to the combined totals of Nevada, Delaware ad New Jersey. Therefore, once online gambling eventually becomes fully available, this should ensure a large collection of PA state gamers. Subsequently, it is expected that adoubling of the intrastate poker pool will also occur.

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