Poker Alliance Continues Pushing for Legal US Online Poker

Poker Alliance Continues Pushing for Legal US Online Poker July 13, 2018 July 18, 2018 Doug Carter
Posted on  Jul 13, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 18, 2018 by Doug Carter

poker allianceThe subject of legal online poker has been quite a tricky one in the United States, especially since the huge operation banning it during that infamous moment known by poker players as Black Friday. Now, there are just four of the 50 states that have gone on to legalise online poker since that time – Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada and most recently Pennsylvania.

Yet, even though this is great for those locations, there are still at least 10 other states that have been trying to make it legal for themselves once again. However, not much progress has been made when it comes to this. Throughout these trying times for the US online poker scene, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) stood as one of the country’s main campaigners, pushing for the legalisation of online poker there. Problems have arisen within the company in the past 12 months though, which have forced changes in both its area of leadership and the company name.

Having rebranded itself as the Poker Alliance and brought forth its own new strategy of funding for itself, the prime focus of the company hasn’t changed – to push for online poker to become legal in the US. And the reason for the name change? Well, several poker players had accused the PPA of having more of a focus on the objectives relating to poker companies, rather than the actual players. Thereby, the ‘Players’ part of the name was dropped following a request for funds to be donated by poker players – a move which saw a very lukewarm reaction.

Poker Alliance Efforts to Double

The Poker Alliance has said that with its new strategy of receiving funding from certain poker companies – including Poker Centralthe efforts of trying to get online poker legalised will now be stronger than ever before. Due to the issues that arose within the past 12 months, the Poker Alliance was forced to slacken the driving force behind its campaigning and turn its attentions towards staying alive.

However, it now aims to come back with a great burst of energy. It’s a positive new step for the organisation, especially considering that such well-known names in the industry are backing its plight. The Poker Alliance has also adjusted the statement that exists on its ‘About’ page via the official website, having a more focused target and message written.

The statement provides details of the fact that the Poker Alliance is dedicated towards advancing poker on behalf of the mass of players residing within the United States of America (as well as around the world). The site goes on to state that the company wishes any game of poker – whether that be a game played via a casino, online or even in your back yard – to be “safe, legal and fair”.

Whether or not the Poker Alliance will be able to change things in the US remains a mystery for the time being. Until the legislative season returns, things will remain as they are. Yet, potentially, 2019 could bring around a new level of interest in the legalisation of online poker in the country.

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