Michigan Looks to Make Headway with Online Poker Bill

Michigan Looks to Make Headway with Online Poker Bill May 7, 2018 July 19, 2018 Doug Carter
Posted on  May 7, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by Doug Carter

michigan online poker billWith the recent developments as far as online gambling and online poker in the United States goes, things seem to be advancing at a very strong level in certain areas. Only recently we reported on the launch of the country’s tri-state online poker network between New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Alas, it seems as though other states may also be making moves towards the legalisation of online gambling options, including poker

Michigan appears to once again be making strides towards enabling the accessibility of online poker for its residents. Republican Brandt Iden has taken over the lead in trying to ensure that things happen for The Wolverine State. Alas, developments in the status of online gambling and legislation within Michigan have been quite slot since it first had its introduction to the house in September of 2017. Despite Mr Iden publishing an amended version of such for the house to view, it didn’t gain much traction and very much slowed down towards the end of the year.

Alas, things could be changing, albeit potentially in a slow enough way, for Michigan. There’s a push happening once again for the removal of the ban on online poker in the state. The bill that is trying to gain traction is the Michigan Lawful Internet Gaming Act. This seeks to provide a regulated online gaming environment with options for online poker also being possible.

What’s Next for the Bill?

The highlight of this particular bill is actually the creation of what will be known as the Michigan Internet Gaming Division, which will exist under the Gaming Control Board of the state. This will work to establish the regulations and rules surrounding the licensing and the operation of online platforms providing real money gaming.

As far as the licensees go, the three land-based commercial casinos and various tribal casinos in Detroit will have first dibs on applying for online gambling licences. The commercial casinos have already stated and highly supported the introduction of the bill. On the other hand, the tribal establishments tend to be either strongly against or remaining neutral on it. However, one thing that stands out about the proposed licences in Michigan, is that they don’t appear to be looking for a hefty price as in Pennsylvania. Operators are only required to submit a $100,000 payment upfront when applying. If their application is approved then a further $200,000 initial licensing fee is required, as well as a $100,000 annual renewal fee.

Furthermore, the bill responds to concerns over problem gambling, with all online gambling operators being required to display certain hotlines run by the state. These should be viewable and available to anyone who believes they have a problem with gambling. Self-exclusion schemes should also be brought into operation as such. Through such, players will have the ability to also place deposit and wagering limitations for themselves.

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