Danish Poker Pro Under Investigation For High Stakes Poker Fraud

Danish Poker Pro Under Investigation For High Stakes Poker Fraud December 11, 2014 December 11, 2014 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Dec 11, 2014 | Updated on  Dec 11, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Online Poker FraudDanish media recently reported that authorities are investigating a high stakes poker fraud alleged to be committed by a 32 year old Danish poker player who is extremely popular and well know in the poker community. The authorities believe that accused methodically executed a plan that allowed him to defraud online gambling websites of millions of dollars.

Torben Koldbrog, the police commissioner in Copenhagen stated that the authorities were currently collecting evidence and putting together a case that will reveal how the accused went about conning other online poker players in high stake poker games. The accused has been notified by Danish authorities that he is under investigation but police are yet to arrest or charge him with any crime.

The Danish poker pro has been accused of developing and installing trojans on numerous computers that his online poker competitors used. These trojans hacked into the system and allowed the accused to view the hold cards of his competitors while playing online poker, giving him an unfair advantage in these high stake games.

This topic received a lot of attention on social media and poker forums, as a number of poker players tried to guess the identity of the accused. One thread on the Two Plus Two forum suggested that it could be either Sweden’s Robert ‘Gulkines’ Flink or Peter ‘Zupp’ Jepsen, the European Poker Tour Warsaw champion. Both these players were accused by Viktor Blom for cheating and manipulating him into losing $800,000 while playing on the Bet365 Poker website.

Jepsen set up a match with Viktor Blom but allowed Flink to use his account and play Blom. Flink went on to win a lot of money and when Blom found out what had happened, he was furious and raised the issue with Bet365 Poker. In a statement, Jepsen said

I was contacted by Bet365. They came to me and claimed that they had evidence that I had let someone else use my account against Blom. I admitted it, and explained to them that my Swedish friend had lost his own bankroll and was desperate to continue playing. I don’t think what happened next, has ever happened before or since.

Bet365.com came down hard on Jepsen and asked him to pay Blom the full sum of money which Jepsen agreed to. Jepsen was also accused in 2009 of using a Trojan to gain access to online poker players login information, something he denies. As of now, there is no proof to suggest that Jepsen is under investigation. Danish authorities confirm that they will reveal the identity of the accused in the next few days.

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