David Vamplew Most Successful Scotish Poker Player Earning $600k a Year

David Vamplew Most Successful Scotish Poker Player Earning $600k a Year October 7, 2013 October 7, 2013 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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David VamplewDavid Vamplew from Scotland might look like a nerd and have a lifestyle that keeps him locked up at home but he is not complaining as he is now recognized as Scotland’s most successful poker player.

David has been winning large sums of money during the past few years and now players poker on a full time basis. He does all this from his tiny apartment in Edinburgh where he spends hours in front of his computer taking on other poker pros from across the globe.

During the past few years, David’s prize money has surpassed over $4million and made him even more determined to pursue his passion of playing online poker. While David makes most of his money playing from his apartment, he also attends live tournaments. At just 26 years of age, David has a number of accomplishments to his name including two second-place paydays at this year’s World Series of Poker in Vegas. During this tournament, David brought in nearly $700k to his bankroll. Back in 2011, he won nearly $1.4M in the London EPT, which is Britain’s most popular poker competition.

David has considerable experience playing online poker and can now multi-task at an extremely high level where you can often find him playing as many as 12 online tournaments in Texas holdem simultaneously, where he invests as much as $30,000 in entry fees and plays close to 60 games in a single night’s sitting.

In a statement, speaking about his lifestyle and accomplishments, David said:

It can be quite a nocturnal existence. I will generally be at it until at least midnight and probably 2am most sessions, often at least five days a week, so I do have to work for my income. The more successful I am the later I have to stay up but tiredness isn’t a big issue because the late finishing means I’m closing in on big payouts, so there is plenty of motivation.

David spends a lot of time on the PokerStars website and in 2013 his winnings is over $600,000 which makes him PokerStars 247th most successful player out of their 1.4million clients. That is an incredible accomplishment considering the fact that David spends his time playing on other poker websites as well as attending live tournaments when he can.

David’s parents were initially not happy with him spending so much time in front of the computer as they wanted him to use his maths degree from Edinburgh University and work in the real world. However, after seeing the results and the prize money that David has managed to make from playing online poker and live tournaments, they are now comfortable with the career and lifestyle that David has chosen and are his biggest fans.

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