Engineering Student Might Make Online Poker His Full Time Career

Engineering Student Might Make Online Poker His Full Time Career December 20, 2013 December 23, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Dec 20, 2013 | Updated on  Dec 23, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Shaun HegartyOne of the reasons why the popularity of online poker is spreading across the world is because just about every month there is media coverage of how a relatively unknown individual managed to win a huge payout, playing online poker from home.

These rags to riches stories are a huge source of inspiration for both the young and old who want to try their hand at online poker. Now, one no longer needs to visit a brick and mortar casino to see if they can make a huge pile of money. The internet has made online poker so accessible that with a computer and an internet connection, players can start an online poker game, whenever they desire.

Players not only get to play from their comfort of their own home but they also have control of their privacy and time. Pokerstars, the biggest online gambling company in the world runs a number of high paying online poker events. Shaun Hegarty recently took part in one of these Pokerstars events and went on to compete in a marathon 15 hour event and defeated all his competition to emerge as the eventual winner.

Hegarty is in the process of completing his civil engineering and is not a professional poker player. While he has won other online poker events, his recent win at Pokerstars has been the biggest win of his career so far. Shaun Hegarty went on to pocket over (€305,000) which is more than $420,000.

Shaun Hegarty has been playing part time online poker for close to 6 years and has experienced both wins and losses in his part time career. However, he makes sufficient money playing online and uses his winnings to pay for his college education. Speaking about his win and his strategy to win, Hegarty said

You have to be easy going and very relaxed and you’re constantly learning. You have to keep up with different trends because the game is always changing and a lot of research and work goes into keeping up.

Hegarty was happy with his win and said it was a nice Christmas present. There are a few things that he would like to buy with his winnings this Christmas, but he also plans to use a part of the money to complete his college degree. Even though he will graduate with a degree in civil engineering, Hegarty is seriously considering pursuing a full time poker career as he realizes that it could be much more lucrative than holding down a regular job.

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