Farid Yachou Stuns Poker World With Fairy Tale Win In WPT TOC

Farid Yachou Stuns Poker World With Fairy Tale Win In WPT TOC April 28, 2016 April 28, 2016 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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Farid YachouFarid Yachou is a relatively unknown poker player on the circuit but made a name for himself in style during the inaugural WPT Tournament of Champions.

The Dutch poker player maintains a pretty low key profile and is a family man who has had a very fascinating journey traveling to America for the first time to play the WPT Tournament of champions. He eventually ended up winning the tournament, surprising even himself in the process.

Yachou defeated 64 contestants to take the first place in the WPT Tournament of Champions earlier this week which was an event made up of former WPT champions competing against each other for the first prize of $381,600 in addition to other prizes. Yachou was eligible to participate in the event as a result of having won WPT Amsterdam event last year.

Yachou is not a professional poker player and has been primarily playing home poker games with friends, one of whom is Pieter de Korver, the winner of the 2009 European Poker Tour Grand Final. When de Korver announced that he was participating in the WPT Amsterdam 2015 event, Yachou decided to try his hand as well and in the process won the event and a ticket for WPT Tournament of Champions.


Yachou initially wanted to pass on his entry ticket to de Korver as his fear of flying made him hesitant to fly to Florida and participate in the tournament. But when told that the tournament was only for champions and he could not pass on his ticket, he was forced to overcome his fear of flying to reach Florida for the event.

He managed to beat a tight 48 hour deadline and got his visa just in time for him to board a plane to the U.S and reach the event before the deadline. Yachou was thinking that if he could finish in the top 30 WPT champions, he would have done well for himself but as the event progressed he found himself having a dream run and eventually ended up making it all the way to the top.

His latest win has netted him massive winnings of $400,000 and many other prizes including a 2016 Corvette a prize from the event's official sponsor Monster. Yachou was pleased with the plethora of awards including a Hublot watch.

In a statement, Farid Yachou said

I love watches, and Hublot did something really, really good. The car is something amazing. I’ve never seen a tournament giving a car away. It’s amazing. I took my Monster headphones from Amsterdam, because I like to hear the sound they have. I’ve happy with all the stuff.

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