Greg Raymer Wins Hat-Trick Heartland Poker Tour

Greg Raymer Wins Hat-Trick Heartland Poker Tour November 22, 2012 November 22, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Nov 22, 2012 | Updated on  Nov 22, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Greg Raymer, also known as the Fossilman, recently won the Heartland Poker Tour for the fourth time. Indeed, it would seem that Greg Raymer has extraordinary luck and skills where this one tournament is concerned and has been beating the players at the Heartland Poker Tour tables for years.

This win at the Heartland Poker Tour more than completes a hat-trick for the poker player and marks him out as one of the foremost contenders for the Heartland Poker Tour championship whenever he sits down at one of these tables.

Soon after winning the Heartland Poker Tour for the third time, Greg Raymer was asked how he felt about the win, to which he replied, “I’m overwhelmed”.

This win is remarkable because it marks the fourth win by the player Raymer and also because the Heartland Poker Tour itself managed to name this year’s championship “the Year of Fossilman”? So far, Greg Raymer has participated in six championship events of the Heartland Poker Tour in the year 2012 and of these, he has won four – this most recent win being his fourth. It must be noted that Greg Raymer not just cashed in at these events but came in at first place.

Greg Raymer is one of the skilled US poker players at tournament poker. Raymer is particularly fond of the Heartland Poker Tour and has had great success with it. After winning the Heartland Poker Tour, Greg Raymer went back home several thousand dollars richer by $106,030 and tweeted.

Thank you all so much for the many kind tweets. It has been an unbelievable run here the last 5 months on @HPTPoker. Winning 4/6 is too much.

This time, the Heartland Poker Tour’s Championship Open was held at the Belterra Casino Resort. According to Jennifer Mastrud, the Heartland Poker Tour’s Operation’s Director, the poker site has plans to launch something big and introduce possible exciting changes. Mastrud indicated that the Heartland Poker Tour would be making a “major announcement soon.”

“Between now and the end of the year, we’ll be releasing big exciting plans for 2013,” she said.

Greg Raymer also took home the Player of the Year honour but announced that he would not be participating in the very next Heartland Poker Tour’s Championship Open.

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