Maxx Dansky Wins $152,008 in Card Player Tour Main Event

Maxx Dansky Wins $152,008 in Card Player Tour Main Event August 9, 2012 August 9, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Aug 9, 2012 | Updated on  Aug 9, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Maxx Dansky’s decision to stop at Choctaw Casino Resort at Durant in Oklahoma to play a game of poker turned out to be one of the most lucrative decisions he had ever made. It added a cool sum of $152,008 to his bankroll.

The 25-year-old professional poker player from the US won the Main Event of the $1000 Card Player Poker Tour, which was being played in the resort, adding a sum of $152,008 to his bankroll. The main event was a 4-day event packed with poker action, which ended in a heads-up match between Maxx Dansky and Miguel Hernandez. While Dansky turned out to be the last man standing, Miguel emerged as the runner up of the event.

Dansky was actually returning home to Nashville in Tennesse when he decided to join the poker event at the casino resort in Oklahoma. Along with a group of poker pals, he had spent a considerable portion of last year and the entire summer trying to make a profit playing live poker games at Las Vegas. Live poker, however, is not the professional poker players’ cup of tea, owing to which he had decided to migrate to Costa Rica to play online poker legally.

He said,

I’m on my way back to Nashville, but in a few weeks, we’ll be living in Costa Rica. We plan on doing it until the next WSOP, so I guess it will be like an eight-month working vacation.

Admitting that he will be happy to get back to online poker gaming, Dansky said that his latest poker achievement has given him a lot of satisfaction. He said,

There were just so many opportunities that I had in the last few months. I’m just happy that everyone went my way this time and I can let go of all that other frustration.

The runner-up of the Card Player Poker Tour Main Event is 28-year-old Miguel Hernandez, who works as a barber at Dallas in Texas. He collected an attractive runner-up prize of $93,708.

The final table results are as follows. The last man standing and the runner-up were Maxx Dansky and Miguel Hernandez, who won $152,008 and $93,708, respectively. The two also won 912 POY Points and 760 POY Points, respectively.

The players who finished third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth were Michael Newport, Carlos Valdiviesco, Keith Carter, Jason Brewer, Travis Riffle, Rickey Green, and Tana Karnchanakphan, respectively.

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