Ole Schemion Wins Last Partouche Poker Tour Championship Title

Ole Schemion Wins Last Partouche Poker Tour Championship Title September 10, 2012 September 10, 2012 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
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Despite the high drama and the prize pool guarantee controversy that surrounded the Partouche Poker Tour over the past week, the final table main event still took place on the 9 th of September and concluded this edition of the tour.

Ole Schemion, a poker professional from Germany, was the lucky player to win the Partouche Poker Tour and took home a grand total of €1,172,850 million as his prize money. Schemion’s win concludes the last edition of the Partouche Poker Tour, as the tournament had been cancelled by its organizers after a scandal broke out over the PPT’s possibly reneging on the €5 million guaranteed prize pool.

Patrick Partouche, the owner of the Partouche Poker Tour, was greatly incensed by the reaction of the poker community which felt that the Partouche Poker Tour was cheating its players by refusing to pay the overlay for the €5 million guaranteed prize pool, and cancelled the tour in a fit. However, Patrick Partouche did agree to pay the overlay and bring the prize pool up to €5 million, although they did deny having a guarantee in the first place.

It remains to be seen if Partouche will relaunch the tour next year or if it has in fact been cancelled for good. If the Partouche Poker Tour is not relaunched, then Ole Schemion will go down in history for being the last player to win a PPT title.

Had Partouche not agreed to pay the overlay, Schemion would have won only €1 million; however, after the overlay was paid, he took in €1,172,850 million. Karen Sarkisyan, another skilled mobile poker player, came in at second place and put up a strong fight for the title and won €693,494 for her troubles.

Other participants included several US poker sites professionals like Dan smith who gave Schemion a difficult time, but he did not make it to the final table and only won $224,000. Eventually, the main event and final table comprised 6 poker hands which evolved into a deep stack play as the game drew to a close. Nine poker players including Ole Schemion cashed in, with the top 6 taking in fairly substantial payments.

Fabrice Touili came in sixth with $280,841, while Marcello Marigliano managed to bag the spot just ahead of him. Daniel O’Brien was the lucky player who took in as much as $429,736 while coming in at 4th place and Aaron Lim came in third with $524,617.

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