Ole Schemion Wins PokerStars.it EPT10 Sanremo High Roller Event

Ole Schemion Wins PokerStars.it EPT10 Sanremo High Roller Event April 22, 2014 April 25, 2014 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Apr 22, 2014 | Updated on  Apr 25, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Ole SchemionPoker pro Ole Schemion won the PokerStars.it European Poker Tour (EPT) 10 Sanremo High Roller and collected the huge first-place prize of €265,000. The event, which attracted a total of 88 unique entries and 17 re-entries, finally boiled down to eight finalists, who arrived at Casino Sanremo to play for the championship title. The final table play of the €10,300 buy-in high roller tournament lasted just three hours, and the results are as follows.

As the champion and the runner-up of the tournament, Ole Schemion and Max Greenwood returned home with prizes as large as €265,000 and €182,100, respectively.

The players who finished third and fourth were Alex Bilokur and Philip Sternheimer, who won €119,400 and €96,700, respectively. Mustapha Kunit and Griffin Benger finished fifth and sixth, collecting prizes of €77,700 and €60,700, respectively. The players who finished seventh and eighth were Tamer Kamel and Imed Ben Mahmoud, who won €47,800 and €36,550, respectively.

During the first hand of the final table play, Philip Sternheimer, who was the chip leader of the event, raised to 38,000 and Imed Ben Mahmoud, who had the shortest stack of them all, bet all in. However, Mahmoud, the winner of a World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) bracelet, did not turn out to be lucky and had to leave the table in the eighth position. He was followed by Tamer Kamel, Benger, and Mustapha Kunit.

After they busted, Sternheimer lost a considerable sum of money to Schemion and finally had to bust in the fourth place. A hand later, Alex Bilokur, the champion of the PokerStars 2012 Caribbean Adventure $25k High Roller tournament, was eliminated from the table. He had managed to stay around for such a long time only because he had adopted a tight style of play.

Finally, the heads-up match began between Ole Schemion and Greenwood, with Schemion in the chip lead. Greenwood made the mistake of bluffing, and Schemion, who realized that he was bluffing, took full advantage of the fact. During the last hand played, he raised to 65,000 and Greenwood responded with a three-bet and later a four-bet. Finally, he bet all-in with a Four of Spades and Ace of Spades and had to face Schemion’s Ace of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds. On the flop, which brought with it a Nine of Spades, Four of Diamonds, and Jack of Clubs, both players hit their kickers. But ultimately, it was Schemion who won the pot.

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