Party Poker Hires Mad Marvin Rettenmaier

Party Poker Hires Mad Marvin Rettenmaier May 23, 2012 June 14, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 23, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 14, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Party Poker, an online gambling enterprise and one of the most reputed poker rooms in the world today, recently announced that it had added a new member to its team of professional poker players.

This new member to the Party Poker team is Marvin Rettenmaier, a talented online poker player from Germany.

Rettenmaier is also known as “Mad Marvin” and only recently left Titan Poker a few days ago. In a surprising move, this greatly skilled poker player was grabbed by Party Poker within a few days.

Kara Scott, one of the more beautiful and skilled poker players who graces the Party Poker site added a note about the new player of Party Poker. Speaking of Mad Marvin himself, Scott mentioned

“He’s a seriously talented poker player which makes his addition no surprise at all. On top of that though, he’s a friend and one of the most fun people to hang out with on the poker circuit. I’m looking forward to many more nights of karaoke, Mad Marvin style!”

Rettenmaier is a remarkable player who is very successful in his field and so far he has massed a good fortune with a total of $1,696,556 or so in live poker tourney earnings. Some of his most notable wins occurred at the France Poker Series Grand Final, the Spanish Poker Tour Grand Finale and the EPT Grand Final Monte Carlo.

Rettenmaier, the German poker player who is known for his unexpected moves in poker, is not a college drop-out but a graduate in the field of Business Law and Management. Rettenmaier will me be representing many poker events that the online poker room devises for its players in the future.

According to Marvin Rettenmaier, who has won millions in tournament poker earnings, he is very pleased with the fact that he has signed up with Party Poker.

“I am pleased to join Team Party It feels like a natural move for me and I am looking forward to representing them in WPT events and beyond.”

One of the first events that Marvin Rettenmaier will be participating in, after he signed up with Party Poker is the World Poker Tour World Championship. Marvin Rettenmaier is also working with Party Poker to move ahead in the WPT.

Tony G, a member of the Party Poker team of professional poker players, commented on their newest member.

“It’s great to have Marvin on board, I have always said he is a player of true character. He has the Germanic mathematical game and he has heart, he is winning, he gets drunk, he loses passport – he is also running good. He needs my guiding hand. If anybody other than my son John Eames was to get a deal it would have to be Marvin,”

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