Phil Ivey Acquires LeggoPoker

Phil Ivey Acquires LeggoPoker February 12, 2013 February 12, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Phil IveyWith all of the increasing competition in poker, it seems many major poker stars are bringing their skills online with some of the most successful forming their own online poker companies. Phil Ivey is no exception in either regard.

He is, without a doubt, one of the most famous poker players in the world and has also launched his own website called

Phil Ivey is marketing this site as a way for people who are new to poker, to be able to learn how to play the game the “right way“.

Of course, this qualifier is a way for Ivey to position his online poker club above the myriad of other websites and services available over the Internet.

As his slogan suggests, this website is more about teaching poker than placing real-time bets. Originally, Ivey’s hand-picked team of 28 of the most successful poker playing professionals was the source of educational and instructional videos for how to play poker. Now, with the acquisition of LeggoPoker, Ivey hopes to expand his poker services website with an add-on referred to as Ivey League.

Despite the innocent play on words, suggesting a higher level of education being available through Ivey’s website, Ivey League is slated to be a subscription-based educational website that features more videos and instructional content from some of the top poker players in the world. Some of Ivey League’s fresh talent who will be featured as instructors on the site include an all star lineup of Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Smith and Aaron Jones, just to name a few.

When asked about his decision to acquire Leggo Poker, Phil explained,

When I was looking to get into this space (teaching online poker), I figured I was going to do everything myself. Hire some people, you know. I figured that I needed some sort of foundation and I looked at the different sites that were out there and in my opinion, Leggo was the best site that was out there.

According to Ivey, he believes that Ivey League will become “a top-notch educational poker destination

Is he setting his sights to high? It would be foolish to ever count a professional poker player of Ivey’s stature out when it comes to any endeavour, especially poker-related. Whether or not Ivey Poker and Ivey League are the best online resources for learning how to play poker remains to be seen, as both services are extremely new. There is every reason to believe that Ivey and his team of professionals will be capable of providing a top notch poker instructional service.

One thing is very likely, however, that being that no amount of education or online instruction will bring the most dedicated of players up to Phil Ivey’s level of playing.

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