Phil Ivey’s New Screen Name ‘Polarizing’ Accumulates $5.1 Million In Losses

Phil Ivey’s New Screen Name ‘Polarizing’ Accumulates $5.1 Million In Losses September 2, 2014 September 2, 2014 Tim Glocks
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Phil IveyPhil Ivey is probably one of the most recognized names in poker across the globe. This poker playing legend has been one of the most consistent poker players in both the online and live poker market. The game of poker has served Ivey well and helped him become a multi-millionaire and today Ivey earns just as much as any ATP or PGA sports professional.

Before the Full Tilt Poker website could shutdown, Phil Ivey was a regular and played under his real name. He dominated most of the tournaments on the FTP website and accumulated as much as $19 million in total career earnings. Then the online poker market in the US took a hit with the infamous black Friday and the FTP website was shut down. Ivey decided to play more live poker as well as launch new business ventures such as his poker training website

When Full Tilt Poker re-launched operations, Ivey was quick to sign up but this time under a new screen name called ‘Polarizing’. It’s been close to two years now that Ivey has been using the new screen name on the FTP website but his luck appears to have run out.

According to FTP reports, Ivey has lost over $5 million dollars and only Gus Hansen has lost more money during the last 2 years on the FTP website. Ivey’s ‘polarizing’ account is now considered to be the 5th worst account in the history of Full Tilt Poker.

Since the 22nd of August, Ivey has played close to 1,600 hands on the FTP website and has lost nearly $600,000. However, if you combine Ivey’s total winnings from the FTP website then he still has close to $15 million in lifetime earnings. Ivey has been having a bad run during the last few weeks.

While these losses appear to be huge sums of money, they will not faze Ivey who has been playing poker long enough to know how to recover his losses. Ivey went on to win his 10th WSOP bracelet this summer along with a large cash prize. Apart from making huge sums of money playing online and live poker, Ivey is also an astute businessman with lucrative sponsorship deals and a growing online training poker website.

The ‘polarizing’ username may not have brought Phil Ivey the results he usually expects but Ivey is a pro and has played the game long enough to know it won’t be long before he is back to his winning ways on the Full Tilt Poker website.

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