Rui Chen Wins Macau Poker Cup Championship

Rui Chen Wins Macau Poker Cup Championship September 17, 2012 September 17, 2012 Tim Glocks
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Rui Chen, a poker player who moves in the high roller circles, is known more for being a business man than a poker professional. However, Rui Chen must have great poker skills in addition to his business acumen as he recently won the Macau Poker Cup Championship and the first place prize money.

The poker player enjoyed a lucky streak and exhibited his talent at the Macau Poker Cup Championship when he wagered around HK$1,000 and ended up winning the big HK$1.1 million prize.

The poker player Rui Chen commented on his victory speaking in Chinese and stated via an interpreter, “The past few years had seen a huge development (for poker) in China. Poker is suited for the Chinese because we are particularly good at mind games.”

The Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event was an intense competition and was held at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex a few days ago. The event concluded when the top finalists were given their trophies and monetary prizes. Rui Chen who came first walked away with a cheque for a sum of HK$1,108,500.

Rui Chen showed skill at the final table as he had to wrest victory from Ryan Hong who was in the lead the previous day. Chen made the final table event by participating in a satellite qualifier worth K$1,000. The qualifier round took place live at PokerStars Macau and this along with his recent win has pleased the Chinese poker player community.

When Chen took the top position as chip leader, he began to dispatch other players from the table. Two Australian poker professionals were among the first to drop out. Some of the strong competitors at the final table included the likes of Robert Streatfield, Yosuke Sekiya and Ryan Hong. However, all these players soon found that their hand did not stand up against their opponent’s. Chen had pocket tens and was able to beat his competitors with this. Yosuke Sekiya was the only player who managed to pull through and his skills took him to the runner up position at the final table where he won a sum of HK$759,000.

Jessica Ngu and Lisi Wei had also made it to the final table and both of the women were very strong competitors, making it to 6th and 7th place respectively. Kung and Jung were the next to leave the table and they took in 5th and 4th place respectively. Kevin Kung to lost out during the preflop against Wenlong Jin and he was followed by Jung, who lasted for a couple of hours before he was struck down by the luck of Yosuke Sekiya, who had a better hand.

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