San Francisco Rush Manager Faraz Jaka Confident Of GPL’s Potential

San Francisco Rush Manager Faraz Jaka Confident Of GPL’s Potential February 16, 2016 February 16, 2016 Tim Glocks
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faraz jakaThe Global Poker League (GPL) has generated a lot of excitement over the past few weeks thanks to its novelty factor. Mediarex CEO Alex Dreyfus, the venture’s promoter, named the 12 franchises and their managers recently creating a huge buzz in the global poker community.

While some of Dreyfus’s picks for franchise managers were expected, some were not and came as a surprise. One of unexpected picks was poker pro Faraz Jaka, who was hired to serve as the manager for the San Francisco Rush franchise.

Jaka is a well-known and established poker pro who has winnings of over $5 million in live tournament winnings and around $4 million in online winnings. He was the WPT Player of the Year in 2010 and has made it to the final tables of World Poker Tour and World Series of poker tournaments.

Choosing Jaka for the San Francisco Rush franchise was surprising given that franchise managers are supposed to belong to the city they represent and Jaka is known to live out of a suitcase, travelling the world frequently. However he does have ties to San Francisco; as Jaka was born in the Bay area and continues to visit the city because his family still lives in the city.

Jaka stated that he was extremely excited to be a part of the GPL, a tournament that could totally revolutionize the game of poker. According to him, the GPL has a lot of potential and he hopes to see support for the new venture from all parts of the world.

In a statement, Faraz Jaka said,

I also just think it’s going to be fun, and if it is going to take off it needs the leaders of our industry to jump in and offer whatever they can offer to help. It benefits all of us, everyone in the industry, and I really think everyone should try to play their part to support it even if it’s simply being a viewer and retweeting about it and spreading the word to their friends.

With the GPL draft day around the corner, Jaka is currently involved in the process of finalizing his strategy for the team. Although he wasn’t very forthcoming in revealing any details, he did highlight the three major traits that he is looking for in his team players. The first quality will be based on their skills, the second is on the potential marketability factor and finally he is looking for players who would fit in and create a good team environment.

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