Scottish Poker Player Made Over £3.5m During His Career

Scottish Poker Player Made Over £3.5m During His Career August 16, 2013 August 16, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Alan GoldThe interest in live poker and online poker has grown considerably in Asia and Europe during the last decade. Due to media coverage, high profile tournaments and the ability to play online poker from the comfort of one’s home, a number of individuals have been inclined to take up professional poker playing to make a living.

While it is not always easy to make it in the world of poker, a number of players across Asia and Europe have proven that not only can it be done but at times it can turn out to be quite a lucrative career, especially if you learn the nuances of the game.

Alan Gold is one of the professional poker players who comes from Edinburgh, Scotland. Alan over the years has won a number of tournaments across the globe that has given him substantial financial success. Before he decided to make a living out of playing professional poker, Alan held a number of jobs including working at a bakery and being a delivery man for a furniture company.

Over the years Alan has learnt how to balance his poker career and the demands of managing his family which consist of his fiancée Trish and his two children. In a release, Mr. Gold said

It’s not always easy to balance the time. I take a couple days off during the week and do stuff with the children. I also put in a night-time session once the kids are in bed to make sure I’m putting in enough practice hours.

Most of the money that Alan has earned over the years has been via online poker which he plays regularly from his home. However, Alan was in the news recently when he won over £150,000 at the UK and Ireland Poker Tour in Galway. Since this was Alan’s first win in a live TV event, it not only brought him a lot of cash but also a lot of publicity.

Speaking about his recent win, Mr. Gold said

It feels fantastic to win my first live tournament, there’s no better feeling in poker than the excitement you get from going deep in a tournament, let alone such a prestigious one. My biggest win in a tournament before this was £17,000 in an online event, in a live tournament it was around £1600.

Alan has earned more than £3.5m playing poker and will look to add to his winnings later this year when he attends poker tournaments in London, Barcelona and Paris.

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