Vanessa Selbst Speaks of Similarities between Investors and Poker Players

Vanessa Selbst Speaks of Similarities between Investors and Poker Players October 29, 2013 October 29, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Vanessa SelbstSeveral people have seen the striking similarity between the game of poker and the stock market. It has also been observed that some of the best of modern poker players have emerged from the financial world. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and Vanessa Selbst happens to be one of them.

Although Selbst has no experience in the stock market, her expertise on the game of poker is quite impressive. She is also known for her ability to manage her poker bankroll, which keeps growing as the days pass. For this reason, Bloomberg TV decided to interview Vanessa Selbst on the close relationship between finance management and playing poker.

The interview was part of Bloomberg TV’s recent show titled Poker Night on Wall Street (watch the video below), a live poker tournament, in which a number of top Wall Street entrepreneurs participated. Some of the notable Wall Street personalities who took part in this event were David Einhorn and Bill Perkins.

Bloomberg TV first asked Selbst her opinions about poker traditionally being a “man’s” game. She said:

Generally, in our society, that hyper-aggressive attitude you need to have to really dominate in such a competitive environment, I think is really frowned upon. Women are taught to be more demure, and I think when they exhibit those…

The host interrupted at this point to point out that Selbst hardly looks demure. Selbst responded with a laugh and said that she is definitely not demure, but that women are “kind of taught to be a certain way” and that she thinks “you need to have these sort of cut-throat tendencies to succeed in poker, just like on Wall Street”.

Speaking of the similarities between poker and Wall Street, she revealed that her mother was not only a poker player, but also an options trader. She then spoke about how it is necessary to take calculated risks both on Wall Street and while playing poker, stressing that each investor and poker player has plenty of information, which they must carefully use to make the right decision.

Throughout the interview, Vanessa revealed poker success secrets and offered advice on how to avoid making the common mistakes most people make while playing poker. One of these mistakes is not exhibiting the right amount of aggressiveness. Vanessa Selbst, who recently won 25k at the PCA 2013 High Roller Event, and overall won over $8 million playing live poker tournaments definitely has plenty to say about the importance of playing aggressively.

Poker Night on Wall Street

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