Victoria Coren Wins EPT Monte Carlo

Victoria Coren Wins EPT Monte Carlo April 27, 2012 June 14, 2012 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Apr 27, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 14, 2012 by Carolyn J Dawson

Victoria Coren, a poker professional with model looks who is also a famous broadcast host, recently proved that she has not lost her touch at the poker table when she won the European Poker Tour at Monte Carlo.

The event that Victoria Coren won was an exclusive all female poker tournament that was introduced only this year. This win makes Coren the winner of the first all ladies poker EPT event.

The recent win at the 2012 EPT at Monte Carlo marks the second time that Victoria Coren has won a European Poker Tour.

This year Coren participated in the €5000 heads up poker event at the EPT in Monte Carlo and had to face off against several other poker professionals to secure the title. Eventually as the main event drew up, there were about 27 poker players in the ruining for the top prize. The first place prize was worth €58,900.

Victoria Coren played her game very well and showed some strong skills at the €5000 heads up poker event at the European Poker Tour at Monte Carlo and went on to win €58,900. Some of the top poker players that Coren had to battle before she secured the title were Annette Obrestad, Juha Helppi and Melanie Wisner, an American poker player.

Since this was the first time that the European Poker Tour had decided to host an all female poker event, the poker players were excited and happy. And as a result, both Coren and the American Melanie Wisner, opened out a bottle of win to celebrate the event before the winner was declared in a spirit of sportsmanship. Coren went on to win the match and the final portion was tense as the players competed for the top prize.

Coren expressed her happiness with her win.

“I’m truly glad and thrilled to have secured this tournament. Just like when I earned the large EPT competition in London a small number of years ago, I’m not even thinking about the cash yet – I’m just really satisfied to come first in a competition full of such excellent qualified players…My competitive streak is very fulfilled! But don’t get me mistaken, that kind of cash will purchase a LOT of wonderful cups of tea…”

Victoria Coren is known to play a lot of poker tournaments on an international scale. Coren also reached the final table of an IFP event in November of 2011. Coren is currently engaged to UK comedian Mitchell.

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