Xing Zhou Takes APPT Macau Championship Title

Xing Zhou Takes APPT Macau Championship Title November 13, 2012 November 13, 2012 Tim Glocks
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In the recent APPT Asia Championship of Poker that was hosted by PokerStars, poker player Xing Zhou from China emerged as the final winner. Xing Zhou beat a field of 184 players over the course of 5 days and eventually claimed his $455k prize money.

In the lag end of the poker tourney, Xing Zhou made a deal to take the first place rather than prolonging play. The outcome was beneficial to all players involved.

After winning the APPT Asia Championship of Poker that was hosted by PokerStars, Xing Zhou stated,

In the end it’s still all about luck. After six hours of heads up, my body couldn’t take it anymore. I feel the skill level was almost the same, so if we continued it was going to be very tiring and wouldn’t make a lot of difference.

Xing Zhou, is not just a poker player but is also a businessman and his penchant for striking good deals showed in the end.

The tourney went on for five days and began with a great field of almost two hundred poker players. The final table game consisted of poker players Alan Sass, Ying Kit Chan, Xing Zhou, Michael Kanaan, Jacques Zaicik and Tsugunari Toma, Three other players, Andrew Hinrichsen, Henry Wang and Tom Alner also cashed in on the money.

The main table event started off at a great pace and saw the lucky Xing Zhou in the lead. One of Xing Zhou’s toughest opponents was Ying Kit Chan, who played a very strong game.

One of the first few players to be eliminated and at the hand of Xing Zhou was Tom Alner who ended up on the losing side as he was short stacked. However, he took in $77,692 for his troubles. The next player to fall off the winner’s list was Andrew Hinrichsen who was also eliminated by Xing Zhou’s strategic game play.

The next player to fall to the poker moves of Xing Zhou was Alan Sass who did not get lucky n the pre-flop but dropped out in the fifth place with $144,231 for his troubles. Yet another poker player who was defeated at the poker hands of Xing Zhou was Jacques Zaicik, whose hand did not stack up compared to the pocket nines that Zhou held. The French player was in fourth place and won $177,436.

The skilled Michael Kanaan fell in third place and then the game was only between Ying Kit Chan and Zhou, both of whom struck a deal and took halves of the prize money.

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