PokerStars To Launch New Rewards Program With Big Cashback Incentive

PokerStars To Launch New Rewards Program With Big Cashback Incentive July 9, 2021 July 9, 2021 David Edwards
Posted on  Jul 9, 2021 | Updated on  Jul 9, 2021 by David Edwards

PokerStarsPokerStars is set to launch a new rewards system which will give players the chance to earn up to 65% cashback, a scheme reminiscent of the online poker giant’s “Supernova VIP” era.

The new loyalty program is currently being tried out by select players across PokerStars’ dot-COM, dot-EU, and UK clients, as well as in the segregated markets of France and Spain. The trial phase will conclude in September, and if successful, the new rewards scheme will then be introduced globally.

Back in the day, PokerStars had the most lucrative online poker VIP program in the world. Players reaching Supernova Elite status enjoyed up to 70% rakeback, collecting between $102,000 and $135,000 from the scheme alone.

In 2016, the online poker site revamped its VIP scheme, moving away from the volume-driven system. As a result, the iconic Supernova Elite VIP tier was removed, with rewards capped at 30%. The operator focused on increasing the rewards for losing and recreational players, while cutting rewards for winning and high-volume players. Admittedly, the changes did not sit well with many of its players, especially the grinders.

PokerStars has been listening to customer feedback and now it’s shifting back to its traditional volume-based program, the “largest step” so far that the operator has taken to address player concerns.

New Rewards System

The new changes mean that players will get to enjoy a minimum of 15% in reward value (Blue level), which increases as they unlock more chests. The highest level in PokerStars’ existing program is Black which has a corresponding reward value of 25%.

Furthermore, players can take part in monthly poker challenges where they can earn up to 40% cashback. Therefore, the maximum combined rewards that players can now earn is 65%. The point requirements will also be the same for every player, regardless of their profile.

The new rewards system is more transparent, easier to understand, and fairer to everyone, with chest payouts now fixed and players now having the same point requirements. This is great especially for high-volume players.

PokerStars Currently Facing Tough Competition

The online poker landscape has evolved through the years. PokerStars dominated the market for a long period, but things have changed now with the presence of strong competitors such as GGPoker.

PokerStars needs to always be at the top of its game and consistently improve its offerings if it wants to maintain its status as the king of online poker. The latest changes to PokerStars’ rewards program put it at the top in terms of rewarding players.

Its main rivals, GGPoker and partypoker currently offer their players a maximum of 60% cashback.

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