Shaun Deeb Announces $1m Body Fat Prop Bet with Bill Perkins

Shaun Deeb Announces $1m Body Fat Prop Bet with Bill Perkins March 31, 2023 March 31, 2023 Doug Carter
Posted on  Mar 31, 2023 | Updated on  Mar 31, 2023 by Doug Carter

Shawn Deeb and Bill PerkinsSummary:

  • Shaun Deeb is betting $100K that he can achieve 17% body fat within 14 months
  • If he succeeds, he’ll win $1 million from Bill Perkins
  • The poker community believes Deeb can get the job done despite his weight issues

Body fat prop bets continue to be popular in the poker world, and the latest to take up the challenge is Shaun Deeb who is betting $100,000 that he can reach 17% body fat within just 14 months.

$1M Payout Awaits Deeb if He Wins

The American poker pro, who has just won his maiden World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit ring after taking down the WSOPC Turning Stone Main Event this week, could win $1 million from Bill Perkins if he gets the job done by the target date which coincides with the start of the 2024 WSOP in Vegas.

Doug Polk engaged in a similar prop bet against Perkins in 2022, betting $200,000 that he could cut his body fat by 50% within a year. His goal was to reach 13.85% but he narrowly lost the challenge after registering 15.1% body fat in February. Despite the loss, Polk is thankful for the experience, saying he’s in the best shape of his life now.

Deeb had his first official weigh-in on Wednesday, and he came in at 306 pounds. He’ll book a DEXA scan within the week to determine his current body fat percentage. From there he can start planning out how to hit his target.

The five-time WSOP bracelet winner must cut his body fat down to 17% by May 30, 2024. He is wagering $100K that he can pull it off and Perkins is giving him 10:1 odds. That means Deeb will be $1 million richer if he succeeds in the prop bet.

Is Shaun Deeb Likely To Succeed?

It’s going to be a long 14 months, as Deeb put it in a recent video showing him inside a gym. The job won’t be easy for the 37-year-old given his weight issues. He does not exercise that much and is not really conscious about his diet. He has achieved a lot in his poker career, winning titles here and there, but the poker pro has struggled to maintain a healthy body.

Deeb might be extra motivated to change his old ways this time as the challenge comes with a massive prize. His wife is fully supporting him, along with his fans and followers who expressed confidence via Twitter that he can do it. Even fellow pro Dan Smith believes it isn’t impossible for Deeb to win the prop bet!

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