Social Poker Game Brought to Australia and USA by PokerStars

Social Poker Game Brought to Australia and USA by PokerStars August 28, 2018 August 28, 2018 Carolyn J Dawson
Posted on  Aug 28, 2018 | Updated on  Aug 28, 2018 by Carolyn J Dawson

pokerstars In a bid to continue expanding its own poker product and to reach out to players in difficult countries, The Stars Group has started providing an innovative social poker platform known as PokerStars Play. As of the moment, this new game is focusing on players from Australia and the United States of America. With this launch, residents of such locations will get the chance to access online poker options once more.

The past few years have not been kind to the players based in these two countries, with real money poker only being available within a small number of US states. What’s worse is that Australia has completely banned the game in its entirety. However, with the new PokerStars app, players from both locations can have a proper online poker experience without having to utilise a single penny of their own money.

The app actually provides a high-quality, feature-rich experience through social poker, and it comes with a huge selection of games to access. Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments are just two of the possibilities that exist via PokerStars Play. Omaha cash games and Spin & Go tournaments are also available. At the same time, users of the app will also have the ability to access a selection of online slot games.

A Hyped Release

Speaking of the launch of the app, Lloyd Melnick who works as the Director of Social Gaming at PokerStars said that it operates as a unique creation. It takes “the best of real money gaming and [merges] it with the features players expect from mobile games”. He went on to state that it unites certain lessons that the company learned when creating its Jackpot Poker social game, with the vast brand equity that PokerStars already holds. He finalised by saying that PokerStars Play is something that the company has been excited about launching for some time.

As with most social poker platforms, the PokerStars Play offering provides a focus on the community using it. Players have the opportunity to play poker against other real poker enthusiasts and at the same time, they can collect trophies to proudly show off their accomplishments.

Due to the fact that the app doesn’t require real money, players do have the option of purchasing chips for cash, which works as an in-app purchase. This makes it a completely legal option in the United States and Australia.

The app has gone through one or two updates already, with the most recent one including the progressive jackpot slot games, giving users the chance of winning huge stacks of chips, while an increase in the frequency of larger prizes being hit in Spin & Go poker tournaments has also been added.

For the time being, the PokerStars Play app can be downloaded and played via devices utilising the Android and iOS operating systems. While it currently offers its services to citizens of the United States and Australia, The Stars Group does have plans for rolling it out to additional countries in the near future.

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