Winamax Closing in on Spanish Poker Market

Winamax Closing in on Spanish Poker Market July 3, 2018 July 19, 2018 Juanjo Cato
Posted on  Jul 3, 2018 | Updated on  Jul 19, 2018 by Juanjo Cato

winamax pokerSince we reported on PartyPoker launching its own shared poker liquidity site for France and Spain to actively participate in games via, the news on the European network has been fairly quiet. However, it now seems as though new information has come to light that Winamax is just about ready to begin providing its services to the Spanish market, too.

The operator has just received its approval from the online gaming regulator of Spain to offer online poker and sports betting in the country. The only process that remains is for Winamax to receive technical approval of its software. Then, it can go live across the Spanish nation, connecting its new poker room with the existing French poker room. Therefore, the operator will be in head-to-head competition with everything that PokerStars and PartyPoker have to offer.

It didn’t take long for the company to announce that it’s making strong headway, Tweeting out a “Let’s go!”, via it’s social media account, before adding the hashtag #OnArrive to the end of it. Maybe this sounds strange, but it’s a French phrase, roughly meaning “Here we come!”.

Spanish Players Looking Forward to Welcoming Winamax

A survey of Spanish poker players towards the end of May discovered that many Spanish players were looking forward to the arrival of what Winamax has to offer. The French operator then went on to publish a web page, explaining the events it would bring to Spain’s poker market and promotions that would likely be available, too.

This survey came just a few days after the launch of the PokerStars shared liquidity market in France and Spain, which queried what the Spanish players would like to see arrive next. While a review of the Spanish tax system did have quite a heavy standing with poker players in the country, the arrival of the Winamax platform is very much at the top of everyone’s list as well. Gathering a total of 28.36% of votes by the end of May, this option beat out such options as “A transition to the British regulatory model” and “The return of PokerStars’ previous VIP model”.

Of course, now it seems as though Spanish players won’t have to wait much longer for the Winamax platform to become available to them. Hopefully, the technical software approval that the site requires won’t take too long to receive. With such a high level of interest in the arrival of the site, poker players in Spain are sure to flood the Winamax platform with registrations and rounds of gameplay. This stands as great news for Winamax itself – placing it very firmly in competition against the two previously mentioned poker rooms.

Winamax already has a solid standing in the French poker market, so with the introduction of the Spanish players, the pan-European market will surely benefit even more. Once Portugal and Spain fully introduce themselves to it as well, there’s no telling how big the network will become!

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