Card Players’ POY 2012 Gets More Competitive

Card Players’ POY 2012 Gets More Competitive May 25, 2012 May 25, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 25, 2012 | Updated on  May 25, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Card Players’ Lock Poker sponsored Player of the Year (POY) 2012 is getting more exciting than ever.

Since the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is just round the corner and the World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship is ongoing, POY 2012 is getting more competitive.

Justin Truesdell finished first in the Main Event of the New Orleans WSOP Circuit of 2012, a $1,600 NL Hold’em event that attracted a player field of 694 players competing for a share of $1,008,770.

Truesdell won the top prize of $204,747, a WSOP Circuit gold ring, which happens to be his second one, and 840 POY points. His recent win has pushed Truesdell in the 91st position on the POY leaderboard.

Truesdell, aged 30, resides in New Orleans and has been winning poker tournaments ever since 2005. He has to his credit 82 cash wins and is known for his poker prowess at multi table tournaments. Playing under the moniker truesyalose, he has won a total of $900k and expects to get richer playing at the WSOP National Championship, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas soon.

This week, the Bellagio is hosting two major poker events—the Main Event of the $25k WPT Championship and the $100k WPT Super High Roller. The main event has a player field of 152, and the winner will receive 1008 POY points plus a cash prize of $1,171,358. The event is now in its 5th day and 19 players are left playing, chief among who are Joe Serock, who now occupies the 14th position on the POY leaderboard; Moon Kim, who is in the 22nd
position; and Steve O’Dwyer, who is in the 44th position. If they win the main event, these players will be pushed to the top ten positions on the POY leaderboard. If Serock emerges as the winner of the main event, he will move to the second position.

Several talented poker players have been successful in the Five Star World Poker Classic. Eric Baldwin, the Player of the Year 2009, won cash five times in the preliminary rounds. Cliff Josephy was the last man standing in a field of 90 players in the first event and won 432 POY points plus $165,249. Josephy now occupies the 129th position on the POY leaderboard.

As of now, the top ten POY players are Oliver Speidel, John Dibella, Daniel Kelly, Faraz Jaka, Jonathan Duhamel, Dan Smith, Andrew Chen, Sean Jazayeri, Mohsin Charania, and David Sands.

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