Carter Phillips Wins the $1500 WSOP Texas Hold ‘Em Event

Carter Phillips Wins the $1500 WSOP Texas Hold ‘Em Event June 22, 2012 June 22, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jun 22, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 22, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Carter Phillips, a noted poker player caught the attention of all present when he showed his excellent poker skills at the 2012 World Series of Poker. The poker player was competing with strong poker players such as Cada at the WSOP 2012 Hold Em event.

The poker event had a buy-in of $1500 and saw both Carter Phillips and Cada go head to head towards the end, making for an interesting finale.

According to Carter Phillips who won the event and took the first place prize,

It feels amazing. This confirms my place in the poker world for me. Bracelet No. 1 felt good because it was new and exciting, but bracelet No. 2, there’s not as many people that have two, so this feels really good right now.

Cada on the other hand is also a very skilled poker player and first made the news when he secured the main event title championship of World Series of Poker in 2009 and emerged as the youngest poker player in history to ever win the championship.

Carter Phillips had not been having a good poker run the past couple of years but his luck picked up and he won the 31st event at the WSOP 2012. The player discussed his poker experiences saying,

I was feeling pretty bad about poker because I didn’t enjoy the game at all. I played four years in a row for a living before I ever took a break. That wears on you. When I was traveling at my most I was staying in hotels all the time. Airplanes, airports, no place that was home, basically. I had a chance to go back to school and refresh and re-focus. It made me a better poker player this summer.

Initially, Cada was the player in the lead until the heads up section began. Cada was victorious against other poker players such as Cherish Andrews and he also was responsible for getting rid of Chambers.

Phillips later took up the front position as the chip leader as soon as the heads up game began. Within a few hours Phillips had moved on to take on Cada and walked away happily with his pockets heavier by $664,130.

The poker player is only 23 years old and claimed that the win against Cada (and probably the prize money and gold bracelet as well) had helped renew his interest in poker.

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