Poker Player Might Have Robbed Casino To Participate At The WSOP

Poker Player Might Have Robbed Casino To Participate At The WSOP July 4, 2013 July 4, 2013 Tim Glocks
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Troy WilcoxonThe World Series of Poker is one of the biggest events on the poker calendar because it takes place in Las Vegas, has a number of events, huge payouts and is a lengthy tournament that gives people from all over the world a chance to plan well in advance and attend.

Troy Wilcoxon, was someone who wanted to attend these year’s WSOP and reports suggest that in order to gain enough money to attend the WSOP. Wilcoxon was familiar with the gambling scene because he was employed at the Lancer Lanes Casino in Clarkston.

Reports confirm that there was a theft in the month of May at the Lancer Lanes Casino and over $25,000 in cash was stolen. While not yet proven, police are probing the angle which suggests that Wilcoxon teamed up with his friend James Nollette and decided to help themselves to the $25,000 from the Lancer Lanes Casino. There is an investigation currently being conducted by the Clarkston Police Department and the Spokane office of the state Gambling Commission.

Soon after the robbery, Wilcoxon and his friend hired a car and drove to Las Vegas to take part in the WSOP. Wilcoxon who had a debt of $15,000 was looking to win at the WSOP. He entered a $500 buy-in tournament for casino employees, which was the first competition in the WSOP where he finished 11th out of a pool of 98 players. He managed to win just over $5000 dollars. After this, he came back to Clarkston where he was arrested on charges of burglary.

In a statement, Clarkston police Detective Richard Muszynski said “There’s a good chance, but we don’t know” for sure if the money from the casino heist was used as tournament fee expenses and also to foot the bill for Wilcoxon’s 8 day stay at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

When police questioned Wilcoxon on how he paid for his hotel and travel related expenses, he told them that he paid for everything with the cash he won from the WSOP. Currently both Nollette and Wilcoxon have been released from Asotin County Jail on posting bond.

Wilcoxon has denied all charges saying that he is completely innocent and had nothing to do with the theft at the Lancer Lanes Casino. He has told police that the theft could have possibly been committed by another employee from the Lancer Lanes Casino. Police are continuing their investigation but have not yet ruled out Wilcoxon as a suspect.

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