The ‘Colossus’ Set To Become The Biggest Live Poker Event In History

The ‘Colossus’ Set To Become The Biggest Live Poker Event In History May 13, 2015 May 13, 2015 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 13, 2015 | Updated on  May 13, 2015 by Tim Glocks

World Series of PokerThe ‘Colossus’ live poker event is scheduled to take place towards the end of May but pre-registration has already been opened and based on the response the tournament could very well turn out to be the biggest live poker event in history. WSOP administrators recently announced that pre-registrations so far has exceeded expectations and will easily surpass the number of entries in the 2006 main event.

The 2006 main event had a total of 8,773 entries but this year’s event is all set to surpass the 9000 entry mark as players line up to have a chance at the guaranteed prize pool of $5 million.

The format is based on a re-entry format that has a buy-in fee of $565 and allows players as many as four chances. The current record for a re-entry live poker tournament is held by the 2014 “Millionaire Maker” event that had a buy in of $1,500 and brought in a total of 7,977 entries, out of which 5,044 were unique players.

WSOP officials say that the majority of players who have pre-registered have only done so for one buy-in. These initial pre-registrations indicate that the tournament will most likely surpass the record easily because players have the option of re-registering three more times.

The WSOP is allowing players to pay and register for all four entries before the start of the tournament, providing them with the assurance of a refund, should they decide not to use any of their optional entries.

In a statement, Seth Palansky Caesars VP of Corporate Communications said

We have special staff training sessions; we’re bringing in several additional customer service staffers, and we’re bringing in cashiers from around the city who are experienced, and so on. We have left no stone unturned. In our view, we have had the same capacity in the Rio Convention Center for the past few years, and we will be max-staffed to handle every seat and table being occupied during these days. We will be ready.

The WSOP expects the Colossus to draw a number of amateur and new poker players who have never competed in a tournament like this before. In order to aid their registration process and ensure they have no struggles with registering, the WSOP has decided to make the process as easy as possible and offer customer support to help them have a seamless registration process.

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