The WSOP Bracelet Most Coveted Pieces of Jewellery In All Sports

The WSOP Bracelet Most Coveted Pieces of Jewellery In All Sports November 5, 2013 November 5, 2013 Tim Glocks
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World Series of Poker Bracelet 2013Whether it is the NFL, NBA, NHL or AFL all of these sports have a huge cash prize and along with a coveted trophy. The World Series of Poker is no different as it also provides a massive payout, popularity but also a coveted piece of bling called the WSOP bracelet. This special bracelet is arguably one of the most coveted pieces of jewellery in all of sports entertainment.

This week, the WSOP will stage the main event and one player will walk away as the WSOP champion along with millions of dollars, an invincible brand image and also the coveted WSOP bracelet.

Jason Arasheben who is the founder, president and designer of Jason of Beverly Hills custom jewellery boutiques is the person responsible for designing the WSOP main event bracelet.

One of the main reasons why the bracelet is so popular is because this gold bracelet has been expertly crafted to include diamonds and cost a half-a-million dollars to create. Arasheben is a specialist when it comes to creating high value sports memorabilia. He has been responsible for designing jewellery for a number of celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs and LeBron James. Arasheben has also been responsible for creating a superbly crafted NBA ring for the Lakers as well as the 2012 WSOP bracelet.

In a release, Arasheben said that this year’s Main Event bracelet is completely different from the 2012 bracelet. Speaking about the 2013 WSOP bracelet (shown above) he said

The most expensive piece of championship jewellery ever made in the history of the world. No sport has a piece of jewellery that expensive. You’re looking at over 28 carats of flawless white diamonds, over 220 grams of 14-karat gold, and probably, maybe, 300 hours of manual labour to build something like that. It’s a tremendous bracelet.

The bracelet is a one of a kind and there are no imitations as it is awarded only to the WSOP main event winner. It is a highly sought after collector’s item. If the WSOP winner so desired, they would be able to sell the bracelet at a much higher rate than its original value in an auction as there are a number of high value bidders who prefer to buy a WSOP bracelet and add it to their collection because they know that it is extremely hard to win one. However, considering the amount of effort and the significance attached to winning a WSOP main event bracelet, it is highly unlikely that anyone would part with it.

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