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Responsible Gaming

Posted on  Mar 21, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Tim Glocks

Commitment of

Here at we look to make sure that every player who uses our sites leaves happier than when they first started. We want to have happy customers and poker players to put our best foot forward for a better tomorrow. We also want to ensure that all poker players are of legal age to play in their respective regions of the world. If you are not of legal age you will not be allowed to play poker online. We are lastly committed to making sure you gamble within your means. We don’t want to let you get carried away, but rather we would like for you to enjoy playing on which ever site you choose.

What is responsible online gaming?

We would like to see all of our players see that they are having a good time and really enjoying the experience. If you are not enjoying the experience and become depressed, you should look to stay away from the tables. If you use alcohol or illegal substances when gaming, this is irresponsible gaming. Ideally, you want to play some poker with a clear mind and positive attitude. When you think positive good things will happen more times than not. Also, with a positive attitude comes a good schedule to work with. You should exercise; take breaks from playing, and set spending limits. Also you should not chase your losses. When you play to win sometimes you don’t win, but the biggest mistake you can make is losing a lot of money.

Legal Gambling Ages

In most countries the age is 18 years old. This is a time when the mind is not fully developed, so some countries the age will be 21 years old. You should look to see what the age for your country is and adhere to the countries laws. If you are a minor 17 years of age or under, you will not be allowed to play poker online or use and our services.

Gambling Problem Questions ?

  1. Have you ever lost a big pot and went to the bank to get more money out, then lost that money too?
  2. Have you used alcohol or other depressants to deal with the stress of gambling?
  3. Do you chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes to calm you down from gambling?
  4. Do you play poker for more time than you had originally thought and lost sleep to chase a loss?
  5. Do you play higher limits then you can afford?
  6. Do you argue with other players at the table constantly or berate players for the way they played a poker hand?
  7. Have you ever sold anything personal of yours like jewelry or valuable items to cover your gambling losses?
  8. Have you ever wanted to kill yourself or commit harm to others around you because of gambling?

If you see yourself answering a lot of these questions with the answer of yes, you should look to take a step back from gambling for a little while and rethink the way you are going about it. In the end gambling and playing poker should be fun and entertainment. If you are not having fun or enjoying the experience then you should quit it for good. Have a look at at this self assement tool for more information and advice.

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Tim Glocks is a retired professor, he currently contributes to Tim enjoys playing poker and has taken it up as a hobby since his retirement. He has taken part in many online tournaments and has become a veteran in a short space of time. Visit Tim’s google + page here