Andy Bloch Wins His First WSOP Bracelet

Andy Bloch Wins His First WSOP Bracelet June 5, 2012 June 14, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jun 5, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 14, 2012 by Tim Glocks

Professional poker player Andy Bloch, who made headlines by emerging as the WSOP finalist 10 times this year, has finally won the WSOP bracelet, his very first, when he turned out to be last man standing in the $1,500 Seven Card Stud poker tournament.

Bloch had to defeat 367 tough opponents and face talented poker players such as Barry Greenstein and David Williams at the final table of the Seven Card Stud event to win the grand prize of $126,363 for the last man standing.

The final table of the Seven Card Stud event had 8 players to start with. When four players folded and left the table, Greenstein, Bloch, Stephen Su, and Williams played for the pot, with all four having equal chances and a more-or-less equal number of chips. Su knocked William off the table, owing to which Williams finished fourth and collected a prize of $36,470.

Bloch eliminated Su, who rose from the table in the third position and won a prize of $50,332. An intense heads-up match began between Bloch and Barry Greenstein, who has already won the WSOP bracelet thrice.

To begin with, Andy Bloch had the chip advantage, which got better as the game progressed to its final hand. It looked as if Greenstein will emerge as the victor, but Bloch got a better straight, defeated Greenstein, and grabbed the WSOP bracelet.

Speaking on his success, Bloch said,

“I’m not really too surprised. I began my casino poker career at Foxwoods back east, where stud was king. The big games were all stud, so I played a lot of Seven Card Stud over the years.”

Here are the final table results of the Seven Card Stud event. Andy Bloch finished first, winning $126,363. Barry Greenstein and Stephen Su finished second and third, winning $78,038 and $50,332, respectively. David Williams, Huu Vinh, and Lee Goldman finished fourth, fifth, and sixth, winning $36,470, $26,813, and $20,001, respectively. Caroline Hermesh and Scott Abrams finished seventh and eighth, winning $15,135 and $11,618, respectively.

Andy Bloch, who is also known as “The Rock,” has made close to $3,700,000 playing poker. Although he played plenty of poker in his childhood, he did not start playing poker seriously until he got his MIT electrical engineering degree. In 2006, he finished second in the $50k HORSE tournament, and in 2008, he emerged as the champion in the PL Hold’em World Championship event. Since Andy Bloch is an engineer, lawyer, poet, as well as poker player, online poker players might find his official website very interesting. Although there are rumors that Bloch is planning to change careers, Bloch continues to remain devoted to poker.

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