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Privacy Policy

Posted on  Mar 21, 2012 | Updated on  Sep 7, 2018 by Tim Glocks

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The protection of your personal information is very important to us here at We take many steps to ensure everything you are getting from us is the best and we will not be satisfied with ourselves until all of our customers are pleased with our work. If you are looking for high quality information about reviews, strategy, and other things relating to the poker world, you will find it here at There are tons of articles to show the dedication that we have and we would like to share them with you. If you look to copy our information, and pass it off as your own, then your account will be removed from our website.

Content at Poker-Online

The content that we have at is some of the best in the industry and for that reason feel free to browse through and find some hard hitting articles that best interest you. On this site you will not find any reproduced information as all of the writing is unique. You are getting the best when it comes to strategy articles and poker room reviews here at No matter what games you play, region of the world you live in, or sites you play poker on, you will find great reviews with information that is packed into articles. If you keep up with the information given here, you will only better yourself as a player. We feel that the best way for you to get something out of our site is by being proactive, asking questions, and giving us your best foot forward as we will do our best to do that as well. If you look to alter or change the information that we have given we will cancel your account with us.

Copying Information

If you are looking for copied information or to submit false information, then you will be reprimanded to the full extent and unable to use our services in the future. This site offers many quality things and you should look to keep up with them and never try to submit false information. It will look bad on your part and we have no choice, but to not allow you on our site. We are protected by a copyright here at and we look to give quality information to our customers on a daily basis. Copying information is not something that we look to tolerate.

Participant Conduct at Poker-Online

If you wish to be a participant on that is great and we are glad to have you aboard with us. If you look to take advantage of your privileges is when we will have to come down on you. There should be no spam type advertising or anything of that nature posted here, as we will terminate your account. We are looking for people to post honest questions and we will give honest answers. If you are posting on another person’s account, we reserve the right to terminate both accounts. Also, if you give false or unclear information when signing up, this could lead us to believe that you are underage or don’t exist, and the account may be terminated. When information like this comes up, we will get rid of the account because we don’t want dishonest people to filter through our site. We are all about honesty and integrity and if you adhere to our policies and are honest with us, we will do our very best to make sure you are satisfied with everything that we offer.

Protection of is a trademarked name in the online gaming industry and if you look to copy or falsify information from it you will be contacted by us, and most likely have your content removed or terminated. If you are a valued customer then you will not have any problems, but if you look to post advertising through our site without our permission, we will reprimand you to the full extent that we can, and it will most likely result in a ban from our site.

Violations that occur at Poker-Online

Some violations include things like piracy or anything in general that leads us to believe you are attempting to be harmful or malicious to our website. If you want to enjoy a great experience and get some high quality news, then you will find it here, but if you violate the agreement, you will be in trouble. Also, if you are a registered user at feel free to report anything you see as being harmful information, as we will appreciate it and take it in to account for the future. All of our users are valued customers and we look to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Restriction of Liability

We also take a big step to ensure that all of the information on our site is accurate and up to date. If you see something that seems to be out of our control, it could be from a third party that is not welcome here at We also reserve the right to change restrictions or information based on certain conducts. If everything goes the way it should then there should be no liabilities for any of our customers or from us. Any issues that may occur we will work to fix as soon as possible, but we do not assume the full liability for all problems. We will fix problems when we can and in a timely manner.

Modifications of Service

At any time we reserve the right to cancel or change anything throughout We can discontinue a service or change a service without notice just temporarily or make it permanent. By accepting our privacy policy, you acknowledge that you fully understand that is not liable for any instances that may occur. Also, you agree that the opinions posted on are not the opinions of the owners and in no way reflect our thoughts.

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