Chiab Saechao wins first WSOP 2012 Gold Bracelet

Chiab Saechao wins first WSOP 2012 Gold Bracelet May 31, 2012 June 12, 2012 Tim Glocks
Posted on  May 31, 2012 | Updated on  Jun 12, 2012 by Tim Glocks

The World Series of Poker is underway and the very first event of the series has just finished with great results.

The first event of the WSOP was held exclusively for employees and featured one of its brand new blinged up gold bracelets as a prize for the champion in addition to the poker pot money.

The lucky winner was Chiab Saechhao, a poker enthusiast from California who uses the name “Chip”.

He took in a large poker prize and the first issued newly designed poker bracelet of 2012.

He won as much $70k as his first place prize when he competed against other skilled poker players at the 43rd session of the World Series of Poker. The tourney was held at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

The first event had a $500 buy-in and the others which are for the professional poker players, will have higher buy-ins ranging from $1500 to more. The World Series of Poker will also be featuring a $1 million buy-in event at a later date during the series.

The event was a No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker game and was attended by 731 players of which one was the reputed Trish Baker. The player ended up being the runner up to this tourney and the first place was taken by Chip Saechao.

It was interesting to note that the World Series of Poker director Ty Stewart also participated in the event and was lucky enough to place in the money. This WSOP event awarded 80 players with cash prizes and the Director Ty Stewart cashed in at the 19th place.

The event for employees went on for a few days and the first day saw the field of 731 players drop to a drastic 46 poker players who were in for the serious game. Chiab “chip” Saechhao did not make any waves on the first day and stayed more or less in the background without calling other players all that much or making outrageous bets.

Eventually, he moved into the top 5 players left competing for the prize money. One of the reasons for his success was his level headed play and also because he was lucky enough to secure successive coin flips. Chip Saechao also got very excited towards the lag end of the game and as his chances of winning the poker pot became more of a reality. Routos took in the third place and Trish took second.

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