GPI Teams Up With Roger Dubuis To Provide Player of The Year Awards

GPI Teams Up With Roger Dubuis To Provide Player of The Year Awards November 26, 2014 November 26, 2014 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Nov 26, 2014 | Updated on  Nov 26, 2014 by Tim Glocks

Global Poker IndexThe Global Poker Index (GPI) is known for being the leader when it comes to global poker player rankings. The GPI announced that it has entered into an agreement with Roger Dubuis, the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer who will now provide La Monégasque custom-made watches to the winners of GPI’s 2014 Player of the Year Awards.

The award ceremony for GPI’s 2014 Player of the Year Awards is scheduled to take place in 2015. The first ever American Poker Awards will take place on the 27th of Feb 2015 in Los Angeles, the European Player of the Year will take place on the 25th of March 2015 in Malta and the Asian Player of the Year dates and location are yet to be finalized.

The customized La Monégasque timepiece was specially chosen keeping in mind that the best poker players in the world are exceptionally particular on timings, performance, fluidity and math. The La Monégasque timepiece addresses all of these criteria and is a perfect gift for the winners.

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer creates high end timepieces that usually range between $150,000 to $1,000,000. Roger Dubuis will create the La Monégasque exclusively for the GPI and will be available in 3 pieces only. All three pieces will be completely unique as they are being custom made specifically for the GPI.

Alex Dreyfus, the chief executive officer of the GPI has been looking for ways to promote poker as a sport and increase the popularity of poker on a global level. He believes that this partnership with Roger Dubuis will help to achieve that goal and also attract wealthy individuals who are curious to explore the world of poker.

In a statement, Dreyfus said

It is a privilege to find a partner from the exclusive fine watchmaking industry that actually understands the true potential of Poker as a sport and commits in helping us build the legitimacy of our industry by supporting our annual Poker Awards. Having a customized watch for the winner of the GPI Player of the Year race, is for me something more ‘useful’ than a ring or than a bracelet. True, it is less symbolic than those, but the fact that it is going to be a truly unique piece is what makes it a very significant prize.

The GPI and Roger Dubuis will host a few special events where professional poker players will spend time with some of Dubuis elite customers helping them to understand poker and inviting them to try their hand at the poker table.

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