Nevada Gaming Commission Gives Final Approval To Ultimate Poker

Nevada Gaming Commission Gives Final Approval To Ultimate Poker July 30, 2013 July 30, 2013 Tim Glocks
Posted on  Jul 30, 2013 | Updated on  Jul 30, 2013 by Tim Glocks

Legal US Poker RoomsUltimate Poker received permission from the Nevada Gaming Commission to launch on the 30th of April and it had a 90 day trial period to prove itself. The company recently announced that the 90 day trial had been a grand success and the Nevada Gaming Commission has gone ahead and given Ultimate Poker its final approval. This makes Ultimate Poker the only operator in the state of Nevada to run intrastate online poker.

In a statement, Ultimate Poker CEO Tobin Prior said

Not only was Ultimate Gaming the first company in field trial and the first to launch live play, but today we became the first to receive final approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The board set extensive regulatory requirements for online poker in the state, and we are thrilled that our product has met and exceeded these standards.

However, after its launch on the 30th of April, Ultimate Poker has faced a few setbacks as players raised complaints about the software and security features. One of the main reasons for this is due to the sites geolocation process which requires the software to triangulate a player’s mobile phone in order to verify that the player is actually with the borders of the state. Initially, a number of mobile providers including Verizon Wireless did not permit Ultimate Poker to carry this out. Due to this, Ultimate Poker was initially unable to triangulate their customers’ cell signals which resulted in a lot of frustration as a number of players were locked out.

Ultimate Poker welcomed the final approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission and has plans to launch version 2 of its software. The new version comes with a number of updates and enhanced features that will give users a better experience. The company has not yet confirmed a launch date for Ultimate Poker 2.0 but Joe Versaci, Chief Marketing Officer sent out a tweet which said

Really soon. Just a few things left & then we’ll push it out. I’ll give you a day when I have it, but we’re counting in days.

Ultimate Poker also has plans to release a VIP program along with the new software. The new VIP program has been designed to provide its players with 8 monthly VIP levels and two yearly levels. The monthly levels as of now will be Tier 1: White Chip, Tier 2: Red Chip, Tier 3: Green Chip, Tier 4: Black Chip, Tier 5: Purple Chip, Tier 6: Yellow Chip, Tier 7: Orange Chip and Tier 8: Cranberry Chip.

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