Everest Poker Decides to Team Up With iPoker Network

Everest Poker Decides to Team Up With iPoker Network August 29, 2012 March 22, 2017 Tim Glocks https://www.poker-online.com/author/tim
Posted on  Aug 29, 2012 | Updated on  Mar 22, 2017 by Tim Glocks

Everest Poker, a reputed online poker room, currently running on its own software, recently announced their decision to move to the iPoker network. Everest Poker is known for having unique poker games and tournaments as it runs on its own software providing an interesting experience for poker players online.

This announcement of Everest Poker’s follows one made by the iPoker Network,

iPoker has decided to extend the network policy to include specific quality standards that would regulate the interaction between the various card rooms. Failing to meet any of these standards will cause a separation of the card room from the network main liquidity pool.

The reason for this move from its proprietary software to the iPoker network is the lack of player traffic that the site has been struggling with. The player numbers have been dropping over a long period of time and although the site has tried to win players with a few promotions and other tactics, none of this has effectively worked in handling the player traffic problem. As numbers dropped, Everest Poker decided to drop its own software and take up with the iPoker network. Some of the factors that contributed to this problem have been the regulation of the online gambling front and market in the Spanish and Italian poker sectors. The news reports have made a clear statement that Everest Poker has not been responsible for this drop in player traffic but rather because of the Spanish and Italian markets.

As of now, the Everest Poker site has become a skin on the iPoker Network. This new situation will change things for the .com and .fr poker rooms.

Since both of these poker rooms have been reporting lows in player traffic, and records reveal that the number of poker players who sit down at the poker tables in the cash games has dropped by 40 percent within half a year.

According to a statement from the iPoker Network,

We are very happy to welcome Betclic-Everest into our dot.com and dot.fr networks. We are confident they will be in great synergy with the upcoming recreational structure. It’s a win-win merge which will secure iPoker’s dominance in the B2B market.

However, it remains to be seen if Everest Poker will actually qualify for the iPoker Network and the industry is waiting for the news regarding this as Everest Poker is now just a skin.

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